Target shooting on state land.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by MIoutdoorsjunkie, May 18, 2009.

  1. Can someone direct me to information regarding discharging a firearm on state Land in MI? I am going to be up north fishing and was thinking about bringing one of my rifles to mess around with some plinking at a gravel pit or whatnot. Just want to make sure I am within the laws of the state.


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  2. If I remember correctly, you can not just set up a target and start shooting on state land. Some one correct me if I am wrong, but thought that I had read that both here and on the DNR site.

    There are some DNR owned/runned shooting ranges at some of the game area's however. Should be a list on the DNR site.

    Hope this helps

    Edit: I may be wrong. check out this thread from a couple of days ago.

    But I have seen the signs out at Waterloo that say no shooting during a certain time span (think is it like apr-sep).

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  4. Thanks guys.. appreciate the help.

  5. I see how ya are, bring and dispose of your lead up here :lol:

  6. Really? When did they change the laws and regulations back to the old way?

    You cannot just set up and shoot at most state parks and recreation areas. But, there is no problem with state or national forests. Be sure that you are using something that is recognizable as a target. IOW, do not start to shoot at a tree.

    You do not need a small game license any more to target shoot.

    Check out the thread that "tjays" mentions and then do a search of that forum. The topic gets discussed every other month.
  7. Yea I was wrong.

  8. I wonder how the Mason Tract fits into these rules. I was grouse hunting off Durant Castle Road when I heard some shots that didn't sound right. Went out to the road and followed the sounds. There was a family of four sighting in their deer rifles, using targets mounted on trees, with a few grouse hunters, including me, down range. Wasn't sure if they were doing anything illegal but they were definitely doing something stupid.
  9. Ask a local. If you come to TC I can tell you a place where everyone goes to shoot. I've seen uniformed, on leave army boys out there shooting semi auto .223. I'm sure they CAN ticket you, but would they? I don't know the law, but I think cops make more money busting speeders than driving around on dirt roads. DNR is busting illegal fishing right now.

    The thing is to be smart and safe. Don't just go pick a spot on "state" or "National forest" you never know who's hiking out there, or looking for mushrooms, etc. and you don't want to pollute all over the darn place. That stuff needs to be consolidated. Ask a local, they'll tell you a spot where people go, and you'll see all kinds of skeet and, unfortunately shells. Not too many people pick up after themselves. If you reload you may find yourself a gold mine and do everyone a favor. Mount your targets to a downed tree, rather than a live one. I think they could ticket you for shooting a live tree but I'm not sure, just as they can ticket you for using a step that pierces the bark of a tree on state land in hunting season. There's some bad bugs out there.

    Not that I'm condoning illegal activity. I'm just saying ask a local. They'll tell you where to go. I always thought you could target shoot on state or federal land (not a designated park or quiet area) without a liscence. I think common sells tells you to shoot into a hill somewhere.
  10. Yes you can target shoot an state land, the only real requirement is that you have to have a "GOOD'' backstop, you just cant hang it on a tree and go to town, you will be and are responsible for what your bullet does after it ricochets. Where I go we been having a years long battle with a land owner who has called the sheriff and Dnr on us "we are on state land", his property is over a hill and about a mile away, the leo's have sided with us every time, we have about a 12' berm we are shooting into.
  11. I called the Grand Rapids DNR office about this - you can target shoot on State Forest Land, just not from 11/10 - 11/14, as this is designated "quiet time" before the rifle season. Hope this helps...
  12. Yep just make sure you are not shooting a centerfire rifle in a shotgun zone etc; i would suspect that would not be legal.
  13. Centerfire Rifle is illegal for deer hunting in the shotgun zone, which isn't all of zone 3.

    Don't thinks target shooting is dear hunting
  14. No centerfire rifles in zone 3 only applies to deer hunting.
  15. Where is this place in Traverse that you are referring to? I would like to check it out, Thanks

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