Target shooting on State land

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by Huntinggirl, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. I aksed this question in the camping forum and received 2 different responses, nothing against those but thought I would try here as well.

    Can anyone tell me how I can go about finding out if it is legal to target shoot on State Land?

    We are camping at Lonesome Lake in Grayling. (Same area where we hunt) but I would like to find out if we can target practice here as well. I checked the DNR site and I cannot find anything that answers this for me, only thing that I find is about state campgrounds and recreation parks.

    Thank you in advance

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  2. Straight from the DNR website:

    Target shooting is allowed year around on state forest lands and state game and wildlife areas unless specifically posted closed to entry, target shooting or the discharge of firearms at the site. A person that restricts their activity to target shooting is not required to have a hunting license.

    State Park and State Recreation Lands are closed to target shooting except at designated shooting ranges.

    Anyone discharging a firearm, whether for target or other purposes, is required by law to do so in a safe manner.

    If you target or skeet shoot on public lands, please police the area when you are done so as not to litter.

  3. Thank you M1, :)

    I know last year when we were up scouting in the same general area someone had left a ton of spent casings, I took 5 mins and picked them up to disposse of them properly. I hate it when someone leaves there trash behind. This is a sure way to ruin it for everyone!!!!
  4. There are many that shoot back there. My understanding is its ok as long as you have a valid small game license....check the regs or check with the DNR web site.
  5. M1Garand hit the primer dead on... just make sure you have a defined target and appropriate backstop and you are good.
  6. defined target (ie, no plinking) was suggested to me by a guy in a sport shop that i have a small game license. Plus then if you see some chucks you can take em out!

  7. That would be a great idea!! There is a nice size hill that we can use as a backstop, along with some sort of target. Of course this all depends on the people that may be around.

    thank you all for the response !!!
  8. Good grief we dont need an influx of dorks this year. Hope gas is 4/5 a gallon and keeps them home. We have hunted that area since the 70s. Hate to see it over run.

  9. I say we hunt there. Can't say that we have ever taken or even seen deer ....!!! :whistle: We were discussing last year at camp that all the deer are gone in that area anyway.....
  10. make sure you check your maps out first and see if its a park or forest
  11. Plinking is still allowed. The person should be shooting at a recognizable target and tin cans would be accepted. Just shooting at a spot on a tree truck could result in a ticket.

    It is no longer necessary to have a small game license or a hunting license.

    This has been covered several times in the Law Question forum. A search for the topic should give you several threads from the last two years. You should be able to find more threads on this on the Michigan Gun Owners message board.

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