Swedish Hooks & Pike

Discussion in 'IceFishingMichigan.com' started by Cherokee, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. What's the proper way to set the hook when using a Swedish hook baited with dead smelt?

    As I recall, you're supposed to let 'em have it right away. That didn't work too well for me yesterday.

    Any suggestions or advice from those that have had success with that type of set up?

  2. ESOX

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    Dump the Sweedish hooks and go with a quick strike rig. That will greatly reduce the mortality of fish you want to/ are required to release, and also greatly increase your hooking percentage.

  3. Esox,you are always soooo right!! Swedish hooks need no set. The fish will swallow them. However, released fish can be caught again and quick strike rigs are the way to go. Look for them in the Muskie section at BPS.
  4. fire-tiger

    Have you got the new boat rigged up yet for the new season. Your meyers is still tucked away in my garage- with the warmer weather I hope to chase some pike this spring. Never did get one to the fly last year and that is my mission this year.

    Best of luck to you this season


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