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  1. I have missed the sucker run last few years on the P.M. river and would love a heads up on the sucker run when it is near scottville !
    Also the scottville suckerfest too ......THANKS !

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  2. normally the sucker runs starts in a few weeks, i always judge it around the time the local schools r on spring break. but as far as the sucker fest i havent heard if they r having it this year they didnt last year just a few of the guys did it on there own, but as far as a large crowd an food that didnt happen.

  3. How far up do the suckers get? LOL Do the fly guys get them in the "flies only section?

  4. Didn't the sucker fest end when they turned the power off down there?

    I haven't had enough luck to justify the drive since they turned it off.

    I expect to be out scoping for suckers this week yet. We normally get a few this time of year. if the pusswillows are popping the suckers are running.
  5. ya im sure there will be a few coming up this week, if we get a warm rain that will speed a few things up, but ya gotta keep in mind that this year has been a weird year for fishing all around. i dont rememeber the reason behind them not having sucker fest last year, they should just move it back to indian bridge.

  6. I always missed the sucker fest, but always wanted to make it. I made the one on the east side of the state once.. years ago.. halarious.. god and everybody out to fish a river completely froze over... we shook our heads and moved on while folks were trying to chop holes in the ice to sucker fish a river.

  7. but I"M sure it's completely possible..

    They get up stream... the further up they get the softer they get similar to cat fish and salmon.
  8. If anyone hear's anything on a get-together please post it. Thanks.........................Mike

  9. Lets just create one!!

    we are having a small get to gather here this weekend, prior to fishing sunday... heck lets make it a bigger party.
  10. I believe they did do one last year, but not the official suckerfest. Can't remember if they did it at Scottville or Indian Bridge. Before they cancelled it the official one was scheduled for the 26th of March last year.
  11. I can't imagine suckers aren't running.

    Pick a date time and place and lets post it. Lets do it.

    I can bring a large grill on wheels for a cook up.
    hell we can even bbq a goat!!
    or Llama (if I can find a female to replace his goofy self!).

    I can provide chicken and get the best pork ribs for wholesale (some of the family is in the food service supply business) Exact same ribs as ya'll buy at Jacks corner market in muskegon on apple and sheridan.

    I"d need help paying for the ribs if more than a few racks.

    I"m sure I have some left over venison steaks and burger too.

    Anybody (first come first serve) traveling can crash here on the house of course, your tent, your camper or one of our units (not all are castles).

    We are 17 miles from Custer. (there about)
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  12. I haven't fished the FO water in a bunch of years, but lots of suckers made it that far in the past.

  13. they are hammering them now
  14. Rumor has it is Suckerfest ran into a little problem with the greedy State of Michingan and the DNRE wanted them to put the proper paperwork in place. Sence this was a Posted Event they needed to pull a Special Event Permit $$ and get Insurance $$ and that took all the fun out of it and made it a pain in the ass. So it got dropped untill someone want to fork out some cash and file a bunch of paperwork with the state..Then I heard it was going to be moved back to Indian Bridge where it started but has to be done on the hush, hush..Thats all I got...:dizzy:

    If this thing were in Lake County I'd be sticking a fork in the Chamber of Commerce to help keep this rolling. It has to be good for Mason County and Scottville's economey.. Seems like a no brainer..Someone over there should grab the bull by the horns put a committee together and make this a annual event..We would if it were over here...

  15. I can't really see the Suckerfest doing much for economy. Sure it brings in people, but the vast majority of them are locals and they are mainly spending money at gas stations and so forth if that.

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