Sucker Fishing

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Ferris_StateHunter, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Well guys its about that time again this year... anyone making the annual pilgrimage to Omer again this year?

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  2. There are many other places on the river with good sucker holes so why fish in Omer unless you are there for the party. Myself I do not like crowds. A warning, watch what you pull out of the river and keep; also have your license. There are always folks working with the dnr walking around.

  3. sorry i don't mean to hijack but what kind of rig do you guys use for suckers? bobber/crawler combo? i've never intentionally fished for them before but i'd like to try a few times during the walleye season break..
  4. I'll probably be in Omer at some point during the sucker run. For a rig I attach a decent size egg sinker to the swivel, and tie a hook above that with a nightcrawler on it. I also see people that use red yarn on a treble hook. Another thing that I heard that works pretty good is spawn on a treble hook also. I don't think there to picky on what they eat. It can be fun if you figure it out and find a good hole.
  5. any form of hook with some weight in front of it. I usually put a few clamp sinkers on about 1' in front of a treble with some yarn or sponge. The smaller the hook the better, typically less snags and time retying.

    I am there for the party for sure. I love to sucker fish no doubt, but the events are what make it enjoyable. Not only that, but the friends getting together year in and year out. It is tradition
  6. Red Yarn? I haven't heard of this, how do you use it?
  7. We just put a weight above the swivel and then attach a small hook with a piece of crawler on it. They are good at stealing the bait.
  8. Egg flies or sponge works really well. No re-baiting at all. My go-to is red during the day, yellow at night.
  9. Personally I don't use it, but I see people that put it on a treble hook. People do catch em' on it, but I like to use night crawlers.
  10. my cabin is a mile from p.m. river !
    master angler suckers all day !
  11. I grew up on a creek that had great sucker runs. My dad one night told me to go get some suckers to smoke. 3 hours later he comes down to check on me. I had caught so many that we needed a wheel barrow to get them to the house!
  12. Cant Wait for sucker fishing!!!:D:D:evilsmile:fish:
  13. Southend... how is the river doing? We are planning on the first weekend in April as usual,

    Can not wait for some homemade "cider" and some of the infamous jello named brandi
  14. I have not been that way since last sucker fest but the river was flowing. I'm going to stock up on some power pro right now.

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