sucker bite on p.m. river ?

Discussion in 'North West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by jacktownhooker, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. suckers running yet ?
    i just want to plan a trip for some .... pm me if need to

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  2. wiggle wart

    wiggle wart Banned

    The suckers are running try fishing any of the lower stretches of the river.

  3. Do you guys eat them or just like the fight?? Used to spear them when i was a kid and smoked them..
  4. I wouldn't go fishing for them unless you were going to eat them. Ugly fish, that only a mother could love. My mom used to can them, which softened the bones up. Then she would make them into patties, like salmon patties. That was all before my time though.
  5. are they at the weir yet ?
  6. whitehorse is very tasty... like walleye
    redhorse that runs later is bigger and a great fight !.... not too good to eat
  7. wiggle wart

    wiggle wart Banned

    The suckers are passed the weir. The weir is no longer in operation. There is no such thing as a whitehorse sucker they are just white suckers.
  8. have never fished them on the pm, how far down river? below custer? might want to take the little woman out she loves to fish. just lookin to sit on the bank for a bit on saturday maybe. any help on a good place to start is appriciated.

    old truck
  9. What is the sucker that get the red strip down the side? Are those stone rollers..?
  10. I've always called them "longnose suckers" We catch a lot of them up north. Here's a pick of one but it's got something messed up on it's face lol.
  11. Is that gonorhea?
  12. bump as im heading up !
    any one here fish for suckers ? on p.m. or just steelheaders here ?
  13. Looks like a tea bagging accident...
  14. Dude, that is Gross!

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