Stoney Creek Crappie Help

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by Fishcancer, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Thinking about Crappie fishing at Stoney Creek, possibly this weekend. Never been there so any help would be appreciated, including recent results, locations methods, bait shops, etc.

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  2. Years ago we used to catch them at the bridge at the northern end of the lower lake (in the park).

  3. try at each dam with slip bobbers and minnows, i've heard this works pretty good. the north dam i believe has many stumps around the area so thats probably a better spot.. good luck and i might see ya out there!:)
  4. I had one h*ll of a time finding minnows in the area, so I'll try to save some of you a little grief!

    There is a party store at 25 Mile Rd. and Mound (Northeast corner, I believe - it's a newer building). They have some minnows in the back - it's self-service, too!

    Careful, though, they don't open until noon on Sunday.

  5. I was there Wed. morning and if your taking a boat they have a rowing ragatta there next weekend but they got milk cartons all down the middle of the lake from the north dan to the south dam.
    Was trying out my boat and was by the south dam and a guy was fishing off the dam and I watched him bring in 4 nice crappie in a matter of 10 min. He looked liked he was fishing with slip bobbler. It,s 22' deep there so try different depths. Listen to the other reports because these guys fish it often. Also every time I go to the bait shop at 25 and mound he doesn,t open thru the week untill 9:00 and Sunday,s untill 12:00.
  6. Does anyone know if there are other bait shops in the area (besides 25 & Mound)?

  7. Sorry I meant the north dam not bridge. It's been a while since I've been there.
  8. Uncle D: Not that I am aware of. Maby some of the other guys will no but I been fishing Stoney for sometime and that is the only one I no of close. There use to be one on 26 and Van Dyke but that got closed up.
  9. Yep, you are correct. I just found out about the 25 Mile and Mound Party/Bait store this year while ice fishing, thanks to some posts by members of the site here. The next closest (depending on where you live) is the Hook Line and Sinker in Lake Orion. Or maybe Selfridge Bait and Tackle near 21 mile and Jefferson. Either way, the 25 mile and mound store is the closest to Stoney Creek.


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