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  1. Figured this was a good place to post that as most the time these jigs are used when float/bobber fishing.

    I know there have been similar post to this year after year, but lets see some of your guys jigs.

    I have taken a liking to the idea of jig fishing under floats. While not a very productive method of fishing on the main river I fish (Saint Joseph). I have seen it much more effective in the northern rivers.

    When fishing the spring College tournament this year it was the only thing I could get hits on. I used knowledge I had gathered in previous conditions and applied it to the situation at hand. Pre-fishing the tournament, I was faced with low clear water, heavy pressured fish near Tippy and bight blue bird skies. I have found that when fishing spinners that blue can be a good color for steelhead in these conditions. I went 0 for 3 (all three nice Adults 28"+) while fishing water where no one had even hooked a fish around me, with a metallic blue and pink jig tipped with a waxie.

    The day of the tournament the conditions had changed, a cold front had came in snow was coming down, and the sky was dark. I covered the same water with out a hit, covered even more water and managed to get a hit from a small steelhead and land it on a solid pink jig tipped with a waxie.

    So I am looking to up my jig game this season and try some new stuff. I really like the natural nymph type steelhead jigs, but have never owned one to use one. But looking to see other jigs, and opinions. Also is it better to tie with an actual jig head, or is the balanced style head with a pin through the bead more effective to get a natural drift?

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  2. The larger jigs on the top row are from Little Dipper, I find they work best for me during the early fall or when a winter warm up bite is aggressive.

    The bare jigs in the middle are by Troutguy26, I like these with bags, waxxies and small, soft plastic Hellgramites and Stoneflies. I tend to use a different color jig from the bait/bag being used. Seems to work really well on pressured fish that have seen every color of bag on a hook float by them on a daily basis.

    The bottom row of jigs are the work of Optimax115, I have not had the chance to fish these yet as I got them after I quit Steelhead fishing for the year. They look to to fill a need I have for a smaller weight/profile jig and seem to be of very high quality and can't wait to try 'em out.

    I try to figure the color thing out as I go, seems the fish play by their own rules on this matter. I will say, the darker colors have done better for me in the fall and the pinks, whites and chartreuse are my go-to in the winter months. These are just a few observations I've made in the way too few trips I get to make up to Michigan, your mileage may vary.

    Good luck to ya Tyler.

    P.S. TSR770 I'd sure like to try some of yours out this fall too, shoot me
    a PM when ya start building.

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  3. Jammin-Jigs get bit the best of the ones I have tried...but the hooks bend straight on big fish so I suggest making your own or finding someone who makes them with better hooks.

    I always like white and pink...but I am sure every color has its time and place. I had good luck using a homemade all pink version this January.

    I know an oldtimer that tips his jigs with bags....that's all he uses and does very well.

    This style -->
  4. Yeah I picked up about 24 Jammin jigs up north this spring. Plan on filling up the rest of the side of the case with jammin jigs, and the other side the case with hand tied.

    I used the maxi jigs during the tournament. I love the colors and the look. But I had the paint chipping off, hooks breaking, etc etc.

    For sure will do if I start tying Jerrob.
  5. here is some pic of my jigs i use tjs tackle powder paint good mustad hooks 32833bln's from or captain hooks discount hook ware house. i tie all my own not this is the reason why all the ones i buy have always had chipped paint. like the one in the pic below from little dipper down in south east michigan. i got my own form's from barlows tackle etc.. any ways the last pic is the ones i got from little dipper so keep in mind what going on there.. plus i got tons of jigs poured. any ways best of luck... if you need help getting started just ask..






    these are the one from little dipper that have chipped..


    hooks at link

    good deal on forms and lead melting supplies

    powder paint and some how to video's on powder painting.

    any ways enjoy best of luck...
  6. Wait until you fish all day with no bites....then hook a giant and fight it for ten minutes...ten feet from the net the hook bends straight...the fish of the season swims away.

    That half case of jammin jigs is going to get thrown in the river sworn to never be used again.

    I would like to see a public statement from them explaining that they are using new and stronger hooks before I use them again.
  7. I use the jammin jigs for fishing small tubes when panfishing or the lil skippers are running. :cool:

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  8. if you want jig pron here is my box...

    I do the best on low profile mild colors tipped with a **** load of waxies or a nice juicy bag of eggs....some guys do great on the big hairy high profile jigs.

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  9. those jammin jigs don't have steel head hooks. like i got the hook are foraged at the bend pressed in the sides you can tell by the flat spot on the bend of the hook .that is on the mustad hooks. any ways best of luck guys...............
  10. So none of you guys run the balanced head style jigs?

    This style head
  11. i think it was price point for me for the pin and bead making versus the lead head. i can get a 100 hook for the same price as the pin and bead kits. that makes 10 jigs check the captain hooks web site for mustad 32833bln's there like $14.xx for a hundred and the pin and bead see this link is were i am getting my prices. now i already had the lead melting pot cause my uncle gave me it free forms are about $36 each lead 5-10 bucks a pound. you a pound of lead on a 100 jigs most of lite 1/8 ounce jigs. the lead pots are about $70 the first 100 cost about a $1.31 per jig. were after the next couple your paying about $0.25 cents per jig after that. were every batch you buy is going to be 80 cents per jig and they only came in 1/8 ounce on this web site go figure for the balanced jigs. this way i can get different drift characteristics out of the different weight jigs. like they swept off the bottom in the current in different ways they don't just hang straight down below the bobber and flow with the current. any ways hope this helps you out the best form i found was the stl-8-s-a

    pin and bead jigs:


    this is the lead pot i suggest you order the ship is back ordered and about 3-4 from when you order it .;MMcat104793480;cat104776380;cat104635980

    lead bars 2.99 each pound./

    hooks: i find these 100 are cheaper the captain hooks but captain hooks has volume discounts.
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  12. ????

    You must not be doing it right ;)

    I like the pin style for tipping with bags better and I like the lead style for tipping with waxies better...

    The Mustad steelhead jig hooks are the ONLY way to go...

    If you want lead, I have a few thousand pounds of lead here at the shop, tire weights...
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  13. I don't think you're supposed to use tire weights with Lee Production pots? The impurities clog the spout.
  14. I have gave a lot of them away and the guys who I gave them to never complained and they were pouring jig heads. Obviously they cut the steel out of them prior to melting, but I doubt they were using a store bought melting pot...

    I have never used them for jigs, I can buy non-painted lead jig heads cheap enough the hassle of pouring them myself isn't worth saving ten cents or less per jig...

    I did pour a 65 pound pyramid anchor with the lead from them and there was no issues, I didn't use a store bought melting pot though...
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  15. I think if you use a cast iron pot or the like, tire weights would be fine. As long as you can easily ladel off the impurities from the top of the pot.

    It's the bottom pour type pots where the tire weights can be a problem. I picked up a new Lee Production Pot IV last week, and in the manual it says not to use tire weights. I believe it's because tire weights aren't 99.9% lead? There are some fillers in there? Dunno. Just passing it along.

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