Stannard Rock

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  1. Just got off the water from day one of our two day fishing trip out to Stannard Rock. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! If this is something that is not on your "bucket list" yet, you absolutely HAVE to do it!

    We were jigging for lakers in water from 45 to 230 feet of water. The trip out and back are approximately 2 hours each way, but the fishing is totally worth it. My advice is to NOT try to do this yourself, but invest in an experienced guide. We hired Kimar's Charters and got the total package - accommodations and all! We boated well over 25 fish, the biggest was 20.6 lbs!

    Looking forward to day two!


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  2. Definately something that I have wanted to do for a while now. I have talked to a handful of people who have done it, and the stories are great. Just gotta hope for good weather.

  3. If you are looking for another GREAT charter ..Look up Daybreak charters ...Capt John will get you on the fish :fish:
  4. That guy in the middle right in front of the light looks like Mark Romanack (?).

  5. I think you are right .Bud
  6. Catch that glass smooth water in the pic!!!!!! Made that a pleasant run, I am sure.
  7. and the guy next to mark and posting it looks like the camera man lol
  8. Actually, the guy posting IS the camera guy - but I'm not in the photo! I took the picture, as always! Mark Romanack is in the photo along with his son Jake, Dan LaFond and his son Matthew as well as Kameron - the son of the inventor of the Anchor Wizard.

    We came up to Stannard Rock to film a jigging lakers show for Fishing 411 Television. Had a great second day on the water today with a 30 1/2 lb. fish boated too! But that's for another post! :corkysm55
  9. Looks like a great day of fishing (and a nice king to boot or are my eyes mistaken?). Definetly on the bucket list, was supposed to do it this year but looks like I'll be swapping that for stripers, amberjack and reds for a few years in NC. Look forward to the show, thanks for sharing Paul.
  10. No kings, all lakers. They frequently get that silver/white color after a day in the cooler with other fish laying on them! :lol:
  11. Ric O Niel does a fantastic job everytime I have gone with them. Dave the old timer with size 18s is a bit salty but he is ok to fish with. I never get anything over 20 pounds but it is still a hoot. We had a guy get one on a fly rod last year. Pretty cool. As for table fare the ones at the big reef eat better.
  12. I'm still shocked those charters keep as many of the larger fish as they do at the rock. The larger fish are 15-30+ years old and are not exactly good eating or safe for that matter. In fact based on 1990s growth and contaminant data, it is estimated that an 88 cm total length (16-year-old) lean lake trout and a 62 cm total length (15-year-old) siscowet from Lake Superior will exceed the 2.0 mg/kg “Action Level” for total concentrations of PCBs set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Even an 8 pounder in superior can be 12+ years old. Then the yoopers wonder why there are less 30-45 pound fish there now than there used to be. :dizzy:.

    Some of the "ROCK" charters do an excellent job and it is certainly a neat experience but they dont do a very good job when it comes to safe fish handling and education in my opinion. The only thing saving that fishery
    is the fact that its 40+ miles out in the middle of a dangerous lake.
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  13. How many lakers actually survive after being pulled up from depths of over 150 feet fairly fast anyway? I'm all for catch and release but I wonder how many of these fish are released and survive..:confused:
  14. I was amazed at how quickly the fish we released headed straight for the bottom. You could see them releasing air from their swim bladders and they came up in the water column. I would dare say that most, if not all, of the fish we released survived. JMO
  15. Aren't there slot limits on lakers in Superior. We are headed up with Daybreak Charters the week of the 24th

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