Standish Buck

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  1. heres a nice buck i tracked for a hunter in standish. everyone in camp got a shot off at this deer. It truly belongs to their entire camp, the tines were not terribly long, but beautiful symmetry, and excelent mass, just a fantastic looking buck

    myself, my hound (cash), the hunter, and his father

    The Happy Hunter
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  2. That's a great buck from an unexpected area!! Congrats to camp nohitem!lmao
    And thank you for helping with recovery! Looks like a fine hound!
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  3. great find and that black and white photo is awesome
  4. Those fellows look very familiar. That buck is a great one but not that unusual for the ag areas in that county. Pictures are really nice. Thanks for posting them.
  5. Thats a real nice buck for Standish. Thats awsome that you helped out on the tracking job.

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