St Mary's River new live webcam...

Discussion in 'Upper Peninsula Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by Connor4501, May 29, 2008.

  1. Well that was quick. There was just a mention on this week's Discovering (TV6) about how they would need a new modem to get the fishcam back to being live but did not have the funding for it.

  2. up and running well now, with lots of fish coming thru today, mostly Atlantics, with some whitefish mixed in. Notice the number of salmon with lampreys attached to them...
  3. Schools got plenty of money to get the cam up and running, what I pay to go up there should be able to buy a couple modems....good to see some fish. I will be fishing, probably not catching as soon as school starts in the fall.
  4. The camera has been live all spring, but it was under a testing phase so it has been up for awhile.
  5. I like it better than the old one. But either way with a modem I am at the mercy of the connection. Some times I cannot even watch it :rant:!

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