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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sticksandrocks, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Has anyone been out on the pier's this year yet. I'm looking to get out in the next 2-3 weeks, but I don't know if I shoud wait or go sooner. We normally do pretty good right after ice-out. Any feedback would be greatly apprecieted. I will be traveling about 4 hours and I want to make it worth my while.

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  2. Come on 73 looks and no replies. I'm looking to go in a few weeks and don't want to go all that way for nothing. I could call some shops out there, but I think I can trust people on this site a little more.

  3. Sticks and rocks, I think most of the "looks" have been people looking for a report on the peirs themselves. Try adding a question mark header icon when posting a question. I haven't been out fishing the peir, but the ice has been out for quite some time. The river has been kicking for steelhead for at least the last two weeks. They have to pass the peir to get in the river so I'd say chances are the peir anglers have been getting some action too.
    Get out there!
  4. stopped in at a tackle shop on 31 south of 94 on my way home from fishing the joe for steel and talked to a guy who said they were slammin the coho off the pier i think he said the south pier? not sure on bait, hope thais helps...
  5. A few threads below check out the st joe report may help you out.
  6. sticksandrocks, I got this right from the horses mouth. 3 guys limited on Coho and also caught a few browns and 1 whitefish from the South pier at St. Joe On Sunday. Can't remeber what they said they were using. That was Sunday so tommorro is another day:).
  7. Left you a private message on this forum for you to read. Been there twice in the last couple of weeks with good success. I think it would be worth the trip. I'll be heading there in a couple of weeks myself. Hope message helps you out.
  8. I walked out on the pier Tuesday(3/27) at 1:30pm on my lunch break and everyone was catching fish. There were about 50-70 guys fishing on the south pier and about 15 on the north pier. I watched over 10 fish caught as I walked out and back. My buddy even netted a fish for two guys who had a double header on while we were walking by. Most of the fish were Cohos with quite a few White fish also being caught. The Cohos were averaging about 1 1/2 lbs. The hot bait was spawn. They were catching the fish on the river side at that time. Some of the guys we talked too said the lake side was hot in the morning and then the river turned hot in the afternoon. I will be checking out the pier Friday on my lunch and will post a report tomorrow night.
  9. Canuk- Hey, I was out yesterday too...probably walked right past ya! Where you work?

    Anyway, I just got back from the north pier and there is about 80 people combined on both piers. The guy on the end of the north pier had two and lost one...heard of two kings one around 14lbs taken early morning and three other fish total 1-3 lb range. Not too many being taken right now. Two days ago the guy on the end took 13 fish-mostly coho (released of course). Weight averaged 3 lbs...nice coho! Guess the sun has them hiding right now. oh yeah, almost forgot....all fish taken on spawn and on river side of the pier.

  10. SalmonSlayer I work at Atlantic Automotive in Benton Harbor. Where do you work? A friend from work was fishing on the South pier last evening about 5:30pm and caught 4 Coho he released 1 of the Coho as he was still trying too catch some Whitefish. He was fishing on the river side with salmon spawn from last fall. I will be fishing the power plant next weekend!!!!! Good Luck To All
  11. Canuck I work at whirlpool on upton drive. It is great being able to eat my lunch and walk out on the pier right from work. Boy am I spoiled living so close to such great fishing. I hopefully will have my boat ready this week and will give her a first bath this weekend also. I'm not sure if I will venture all the way to the nuke plant or not seeing how it is the first trip of the year. Give me a shout on the radio if you get out...I go by photofinishII

    Good luck to ya!

  12. SalmonSlayer I will try and give you a call this weekend on the radio to see how you are doing. I go by weekend warrior. I am going to start trolling at the pier with planer boards and head for the power plant I heard they were doing very good at the junk cars this past weekend so hopefully I don`t make it all the way before I limit! The report from a couple of friends at work was the Browns were also starting to bite. The Cohos were fast and furious!

    Good Luck Brent
  13. i am going friday and am woundering if i should run down to the cook plant or troll around by the junk cars then go to the plant?? any help would be nice.

  14. hello,
    I have friends who have pulled out a few decent sized steelhead the last few days on shrimp and/or BJ's spoons. can anyone tell me what kind of rig people are using with the spawn for coho? Is it a three way swivel with a sinker and leader or what? Thanks
  15. Jason, I am just getting into trolling the area for the first time this spring and I've heard about the "junk cars" many times in conversations. could you tell me what and where this is?

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