St. Croix Eyecon vs. Fenwick Elite-tech

Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by WMUAlum10, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. I am between these 2 rods for my next purchase. Was hoping to get some insight from those who have/used either of these rods and the pros and cons of both. Looking for a rod that will handle up to 3/4 oz jigs on the DR. Any info is appreciated

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  2. Eyecon (since you talked me into getting it last month)

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  3. eyecon for me .....:coolgleam
  4. Notice that the eyecons are only rated for a 5/8 oz lure weight. Any issues surrounding this? Seems like they should be rated for a heavier lure

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  5. I have the eyecon but would rather have the elite tech 7'2 M riging you can jig and rig with that rod and it can handle 3/4 ounce jigs or sinkers.
  6. Just ordered my Elite Tech Walleye Jigging Rod 6'3'', Medium, X-Fast from Amazon for $88 to my door. I really hope that this is a legitimate rod...If so, I got a dang good deal
  7. Has anyone tried the 8' ML Eyecon?


    I was thinking of picking it for casting lures for walleye, bass, etc.
  8. I love my 6'3" Elite Tech. Best Bang for the buck so far. It is by far the best jigging rod for the buck so far. Just picked up a second one yesterday.
  9. Just tried my new elite tech 6' 3" the other day and i have to say its sweet rod.

    As far as getting them for $90 bucks. Guys get them at a direct price and resell them on the web. I hope they dont ruin it for everyone! I'm sure Fenwick wouldnt be to pleased to see there premium rods getting sold for cheap on ebay.
  10. Just ordered the same exact rod off Amazon for $85.79 to my door! Cabelas has the same rod listed for $139.99! Can't wait to try it out...Thanks for the tip! :woohoo1:
  11. fenwick all the way!!!! love mine
  12. Strike while the iron is hot. I may have to grab a couple more!

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  13. The rod came in the mail yesterday. Looks sweet...Can't wait to try it out!

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