Spring 2014 turkey hunt

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  1. So I'm going to try turkey hunting for my first time this spring and I wanted some opinion on licenses. I will be hunting private land in Kalamazoo County and I'm a little confused on which license to buy because of the zone ZF and zone ZZ. Also, should I apply for a license or would I be good buying over counter? Any other tips regarding this or anything else to help out a rookie I would appreciate. Thanks!

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  2. If you are only hunting private land zz would be your best bet between the two. Don't forget you also have the 0234 guaranteed hunt that starts on May 5th as well. Zf I assume is the season for only kalamazoo county and is good on private and public but is a shorter season normally. Your best bet for the most time would be 0234 or zz, depending on if you want to hunt early or late. Both seasons have their advantages. I personally hunt the late season but only because I try and get other peoples birds before my own in the early season good luck!

  3. ZZ if you will only be hunting private.

    During the early hunt it may be hot, may be snow, the birds may be vocal, they may not be, but the one thing you can count on is the bugs will not be as bad as they are during the guaranteed hunt in May.

    I hunt the early season. 3 seasons ago it snowed the first day of the season and was 40 degrees the second day. I had birds gobbling like crazy and had a group of toms around me for the first 5 hours and took one out soon after. Last season, it was fairly warm, probably around 60 degrees and I didn't hear one gobble during my all day sit. Seen a lone tom and a group of jakes.

    In my experience, you are more likely to see lone toms when it is warmer and during the later season and I see groups traveling together more during the early season. They are also more likely to be more vocal in the early season, at least in my experiences.

    If you would like a little more time to kill a bird and don't mind the bugs or possible 75 degree temps, then go for the late season. If you don't mind sitting in the possible cold weather and go without much natural cover, go for the early season.
  4. Thanks for the info everyone. So you can only buy a license for one hunt or can I buy the ZZ hunt, and if no luck, get a license for the late ZF hunt? Sorry totally new to this, one bird total right?
  5. One hunt PERIOD. If you don't get a bird in the early hunt or any other season you apply/buy a license for, you are SOL for the rest of the spring. And yes, one male bird per licensed hunter per season.
  6. One bearded bird ;)
  7. Do you guys have any suggestions on a good starter call or any tips about that, as well as ammo/gun set up, etc. and anything else I should need for just starting out?
  8. When it comes to turkey gear it's like everything else it's how much you want to spend.

    Most people I know use a 12 ga. shotgun with 3 in. mag turkey loads. Then they wear full head to toe camo and either sit in a chair or on a pad on the ground. Call wise all are different. Some even hunt them out of a pop-up blind.

    I personally keep it simple. I use a 20 ga. Mossberg 500 pump with either turkey load or 4-7 bird shot rounds. My Call is a slate striker call which can be picked up for $19 at basspro.com. If weather descent I set on the ground otherwise I hunt from a pop-up blind. This has always worked for me and most turkeys I have shot have been 10 yards or closer. This year trying to bow hunt them.
  9. What's your opinion on using decoys, how many, what kind, etc?
  10. My brother uses decoys and has had success. I am not sure the brand but know he got it from gander mountain. He states all of the decoys work. So it's what you want to get. I haven't used them ever so I'm not the expert

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  11. Any suggestions on where to hunt? I need a LP unit that is not in unit ZZ with good public land. This will be my first time and I could use any advise anyone has to offer?
  12. BigBucks where about in Kalamazoo are you, I may be able to help you out. Spend money on a couple calls and practice a lot. Decoys have their time and place but are not needed. A single hen or a hen and a jake decoy would be a good spot to start.

    Just about any scatter gun with removable chokes will do. If you don't have a gun already an 870 is a good place to start. I would recommend getting a good choke for the gun like an Indian Creek. Spend a lot of time trying different loads and patterning the gun to fully understand your limitations.
  13. Dublung, I'm hunting northern kzoo area near D Ave and 131, I will be using my Remington 870, still trying to figure out the choke, I just got this gun used, I think there might be a choke in it now. How can I remove it if there is.
  14. Look at the end of the barrel and the choke will be silver if it has a choke. It should have 4 notches in it and a coin will fit in the notches, should spin right out. If it is stuck or tight you may need a choke wrench.

    Really any extra full choke will work, its all a matter of what you are willing to spend. No matter what choke you decide on take the time to pattern different loads. There are several threads on here about chokes and loads.

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