Spotted lungs

Discussion in 'Wildlife Diseases' started by pmtiny, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Just curious if anyone has experienced this or heard of it. Both of the lungs on a buck I shot were full of small black spots..not lumps, but spots. It sort of bothered me, but my buddy said not to worry. Any Ideas of what it could be??

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  2. Sounds like a smoker ;) Did you take it into a deer check station?

  3. Jean Fierke will be able to tell you. You can try to email her or pm her as well She's the moderator I believe......marty:D
  4. My buddy talked me out of taking it in. He Made it sound like it was no big deal..I sort of regret not taking it in
  5. Hi,
    What you saw was most likely petechial hemorrhages in the lungs. They are very small dark red spots in the lungs caused by the escape of blood from the vessels. We often have lungs turned in for examination with the symptoms you describe. The spots are usually around 1/16 to 1/8 inch diameter. There will be no lumps associated with the spots. We don't send lungs like these on for TB testing. Your buddy was right, but we are always glad to look at anything you may have a question about. And feel free to just email me a picture. Sometimes we can do a virtual diagnosis!
    When I get back to work on Jan. 5th, I'll get more details including what causes these, from the vet or pathologist. And I think I'll be able to scrape up a picture.
  6. So is there a cause?
  7. Hi,
    Sorry for the delay in answering.
    Petechial hemorrhages seen in white-tailed deer lungs in Michigan are associated with the trauma and stress of a hunt chase or capture. They are also referred to as agonal hemorrhages. The Webster definition of agonal is "of, relating to, or associated with agony and especially the death agony."
    I have uploaded a picture to this address
    Jean (with advice from Tom Cooley)

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