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  1. Well now that deer season and waterfowl seasons are almost finished I figured it was time to stoke up the fire for the 2010 spearing season. I brought home some cedar logs from the U.P. during deeer season and split a bunch of blanks for my new spearing decoys. I widdled out the rough shape of one last night. Its got a long way to go but I figured the few guys who spear or carve might get a little charged up. Wasn't really sure what I wanted to turn this piece into.

    But I guess its gonna be a sucker. At least thats what it is right now.

    I haven't had much luck with wooden fins but my goal for 2010 is to get better at carving wooden finned decoys that swim well. Last year was the first year where we really got into carving decoys and it added alot of enjoyment both on and off the ice. For you guys who carve your own feel free to post what your working on, what you've carved or new ideas you might have for the upcoming year. I am gonna try and update this post as I complete the decoys. I think it would be fun to see what everyone else is doing! I also am switching from the paintbrush to an airbrush this year....I wasn't the best at using a brush but I think I got some pretty cool ideas for some airbrush paint jobs. Hope to see some others contribute here!!

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  2. Here is my first attempt at decoys...


    spent my spring in the garage and at the neighbors pool trying to balance/swim decoys properly.

    Couple fun decoys - white and black one does not swim, but still plan on using it...you never know.

    Used Cedar fence rails and saw blades for the fins. I used up all my duck decoy anchors in order to sink that pike decoy (24" long).

    I had a lot of fun doing this.

  3. Those are some really cool looking decoys. Nice work. I am always looking for cool ideas and ways to expand my own carving. You never know what will work. Thanks for sharing. Good luck this season.;)
  4. Im still working on some, I made most of mine over the summer, just something about wearing shorts standing barefoot in a pile of cedar shavings, pieces of aluninum while pouring moulten lead into the belly of a decoy on a hot summer day makes it more fun:p

    Ive just been making the usual Pike, Suckers and perch decoys. I got to get a airbrush this year and try for better detail with the paint.
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  5. very nice decoys!
  6. Worked a little more on the sucker, slimmed it down a little and started a new decoy. The new decoy is just gonna be something generic.

  7. looks good! Did you carve these. I cheated and used a dremel and a lot of sandpaper.

    I hope to take the official test this weekend with mine.
  8. I am interested is starting. I got some Bass wood that I have been saving for this. Do you guys use special knives or what is the best tool to use to get started. I've looked on youtube but I didn't find much on how to get started....???

  9. I have a trash can in my home office that has different fish species on it. I traced the outline of the perch, trout, pike and bluegill, scanned them and enlarged them to the size I wanted. I drew pattern on a peice of cedar fence I bought at Home depot for a couple dollars (for the pike, I glued 3 boards together to get proper thickness).
    I used a rasp file, dremel and sandpaper to get shape the way I wanted. I am just not that good carving with a knife.
  10. Most of the decoys are made from cedar as far as I know. Not saying Basswood won't work though. All of mine are carved from Cedar logs I brought home from our deer camp on Drummond Island. I let it dry and then split it into chunks. From there I use a chop saw to rough it into a very very crude shape and then its all knife work from there. I do use sand paper at the very end for smoothing and little detail work. I use a skinning knife for my carving, it holds an edge well and works well for me. I hope to see alot of guys contribute their ideas here. I look forward to seeing everyone work.
  11. Worked on a couple decoys a little more. Added the fins, weighted them with lead and added eyelets(cotter pins) and sealed the cavity with PC11 filler. Just need to sand everything smooth and do some water testing and it will be time for the paint job.
    Slots cut for fins and lead.
    Holes drilled for eyelets(cotter pins)
    Fins added and pinned
    Lastly I use PC11 to fill all holes to seal decoy and then sand down all the rough spots. I dont have a picture of the step with the filler but heres one right before I filled in any gaps and holes.
    Next step will be water testing and the fun part.........the paint job. :D
  12. You know you really shouldnt be worrying about decoys right now. You need to concentrate on buying a house among other things!!:lol::lol::lol:

  13. zing!!!!
  14. Did my wife tell you to say that! Actually Scott we are really close to pulling the trigger on a house. I won't have any time to work on decoys after the kid gets here.

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