Snow Blowing,,, Where Do You Stop???

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by William H Bonney, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Figured this might be appropriate. When blowing or shoveling your snow on the sidewalk,,, do you stop "right at" the property line??? How big of a heel do you feel like if the neighbor is out there leaving for work and see's you looking back and forth from the fence post to the ground,, making sure you got all "your" snow,, and NONE of their's.:lol: Personally,, I don't mind shoveling or blowing,, I usually do the neighbors on each side of me,, but there comes a point where I have to stop and I feel like a heel. I can just picture the neighbor(where I stopped) saying,, "what a jackass,, he does all of their snow and stops, here". When I do the neighbors sidewalk,, I usually feel bad about their driveway,, so I end up doing that too. Both neighbors are perfectly capable of doing their own snow,,, but the one guy works so much, he rarely has time and the lady on the other side,,,, well,,, she's a lady.:lol: So,,, what do you guys do???? And BTW,,, I do blow all the snow into their yards,,:lol:

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  2. I do mine, both neighbors. THen I cross the street and do the three houses across the street. Plus If I feel real good, I do the street

  3. i do mine, the neighbors drive , the house on the other side of him where a fellow in a wheelchair lives, the condo's on the other side of me because their all older folks .....and i hate snow!
  4. I live in a big court so I do everyones side walk and 5 driveways but then again this is on a quad..
  5. If I have the time I will do several houses, if I am rushed I will do the sidewalks and the last small section between the sidewalk and the road, especially if the road was plowed.
  6. I do the sidewalk in front of the 2 houses next to me if it's a smaller amount. I only do to my property line on the side because the people behind me are lazy, so I feel no need to help them. They don't do any part of their side walk, just their driveway, and they live on a corner lot like me!
    I'll help the other 2 next to me because they do get out and clean.
  7. I do mine and the older lady's next door. Well, not the whole thing next door because she has a service come by, but I'll get a path from her front door and a path on the sidewalk and a couple of tracks in the driveway for her car. On the other side, they're lazy but young. I refuse to do anybody's when they're perfectly capable of doing it themselves but just won't. At least the older lady next door bakes goodies for me and the kids. :corkysm55
  8. Now I (my son) only does mine, but our neighbors property lines are bordered by our lawns. We have run accross the street and remove there snow because they live on a hill and get stuck.

    When I lived in the 40x120 grid subdivision I would do the older neighbors walk. And I too, as did everyone else would shovel 1/2 the snow from the driveway onto the neighbors lawn and 1/2 onto mine. That was before Political Correctness (and when did PC start applying to freaking snow). When we finally got a snowblower, I would blow it with the wind, which in most cases was onto my lawn, and noone ever got bent out of shape.
  9. bigsablemike

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    usually do mine and the old lady nieghbors.ive been known to get 6or8 buds down and do the whole street.
  10. Depends on my time. I just got a decent snowblower (thanks WalleyeMike!) and I always did the sidewalks from my driveway to both neighbors' driveway if I was out there first. Ifthe neighbor was out first he would do my sidewalk. If I know one is gone, I will do the whole thing once I get a chance. For me, it's all about being a good neighbor and helping each other out. Now if they acted like jerks to me, that would be a different story, but we have a pretty good relationship with our neighbors.

    Oh, and they can blow all the snow they want into my yard. My boys love to pile it up for snow forts!
  11. Glad its working good for you. Should last for many years.
  12. Usually by the time I get home my neighbor (retired teacher), has my sidewalk in front snowblowed. I always feel bad about it so when I am out shoveling my driveway, if he doesn't have his sidewalk done yet (which is hardly ever) I usually do it for him. Same goes for mowing or raking leaves. He usually always beats me to both though!
  13. I ask them if they voted for granholm first. If they did, I snowblow my entire front yard into their driveway!:evil:

    Just kidding, I snowblow both neighbors and go past their property line 13 inches on the other side.
  14. It's odd that there is no one here that gets their's done by someone else.

    I do mine, all 700+ feet, the neighbors 650 feet, the other neighbors short drive and the other ones just moved so I get a break on that for now. For those I use quad and/or a tractor. Then I go into town and shovel my Step-Grandmother's sidewalk and driveway.
  15. my neighbor takes his snowblower and does all of our short private road, and my small driveway/parking area. Never asked him to do it, guess he felt sorry for me after seeing me shovel so many times in blizzards. I quickly made a point to find out what his favorite kind of beer is...

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