Smelt in AuGres/Tawas/Oscoda?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ruler, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. Just wondering if anybody's getting any smelt yet. I watched a segment on Michgan out of doors on smelt dipping that was taped last year and it's gotten me anxious to go. They were dipping at the mouth of the Dead AuSable; I guess it's the AuSable before it was diverted for logging. Anybody know where this is? They were doing pretty well, and it was April 28 that it was taped. I prefer to go near AuGres, but really want to get some of those tasty little critters! :p :D

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  2. The Dead Ausable is about 2 1/2 miles South of the Ausable bridge. It is right next to my place. No public access nearby. If I am around I can get ya to the beach. They were getting some on Friday but not North of Ausable Point yet. My hopes are that the run will peak next weekend when I am able to get up there.


  3. Three of us went out from just north of AuGres Friday night (19th) at Foster Rd. and then Hammel (Sp) Beach. About forty people out at Foster Rd., no one getting anything that we saw. Went up to hammel Beach and only a few people there, no action either. never went in the water.

    Perhaps later this week or the coming weekend. Good luck if you go.

    Whale :)
  4. Sat. night, 4-20 checked the whole shoreline around Tawas. Drove around from 10pm till 2am. Nothing no one was getting or seeing any. Bitter cold as the wind never let up all night.
  5. I was out to the Devils River and a small feeder in Ossineke, and another feeder near Sturgeon Point on Friday night. We saw a couple smelt (gotta work on my dippin technique) but got nothing - didn't see anyone out. Suckers were in pretty good in the Devils River.
  6. Went out Saturday on Tawas Point. We got 2-5 gallon buckets about 9:30pm. Most were males. I hope the females are still coming!
  7. I've been trying to keep current with the smelt reports on various sites. They are often very conflicting. Seems the bottom line is that any semblance of a smelt run is unpredictably sporadic at best, and you have to be in the right place at the right time. Its very trying!! :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. No run last night in Oscoda, according to my neighbor...will keep the updates coming.

  9. hey ne sportsman i have a place up there also right next door to john skrobot "calipso charters " im up there every weekend fishin ill be up there this weekend painting the bottom of my boat also hopeing to get some smelt look me up sometime for a pop
  10. Nothing last night in Oscoda either.

  11. The smelt are just starting. My father and I went up to AuGres last night and got nothing, but there were a few at Singing Bridge. It's gonna be a mad-house this weekend!
  12. who here has dipped for smelt at pte Au Gres....are we talking about a wading proposition or shoreline manuevers??

    just wondering
  13. Koby,
    Point AuGres is a wader deal.

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