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  1. Next spring i will be in the market for a Brittany puppy and i am looking for contact info for both smaller American Brittanys and French Brittany breeders. From forum searches i know about Auten's, Spiced Rum, Great Lakes Epagneul Bretons, and Center Ridge. Im will be looking for a close working Britt on the smaller side and a little more laid back. This will be my first gun dog so any and all input will be appreciated. Ive got a few books and videos on the way but any additional info on training would be a big help.


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  2. My Brittany has several Auten's in his bloodline. I don't know much about Auten's specifically but my Brittany is not small. According to AKC standards he is at the max for height and weight and he is lean.

  3. Great looking dog Ruger. Admission - I'm a breed fan of whatever dog I happen to be hunting over at the time, but I've been very pleasantly surprised at the versatile capabilities of Britts.

    I took a chance on a liver and white pup 3 years ago. And while he's been pretty slow to develop, this fall he has turned into a fantastic gun dog. Roosters, grouse, and ducks - he's as stoked about one as another.

    Good luck in your search EMason. They're a fun dog to have around. Loads of personality, loyal and gentle. Be careful how heavy-handed you are training, from my limited experience, they're much softer than some other sporting breeds. I lost a year with mine by clamping down too hard before I realized the error of my ways.
  4. They sure can be versatile. I could not be more proud of the multiple abilities of my Brittany. Have not had an opportunity to hunt ducks with him; but considering he is a swimming machine I don't think it would be an issue unless the water were extremely cold.

    And yes much softer style needed with him vs my GSP.



  5. Wow those pics make me just want to run out and try to find one now. Thanks for the link to Bob i will definately be calling him. I'm not sure how i missed him when i went through the forum. Not needing a heavy hand is definately a plus. Thanks for your replies.

  6. Here is ole Ruger boy in seasons past. Maybe lots of pictures will help sell ya on the breed :)




  7. I'm already sold on the breed. At this point i need to contact breeders and find a fit and study up until i know i'm ready to bring one home.
  8. You might try Great Lakes Epagneul Bretons. They have the French models :lol:. I hunted with a guy who has one pretty nice dog. It was small though maybe 25/30 pounds. I am not sure if this normal or not. But for a little thing she was a spitfire in the woods.
  9. Rugergundog,

    That is an awesome looking Britt! If you don't mind me asking, who was the breeder? I have a 9 year old Britt from Sice Rum Kennels (sire was Auten's Jack B Quick). He's a great dog and I'm looking to get him a little brother.


  10. I have a 14 month old from Sherry at Great Lakes EBS. She has really, really nice dogs. I couldn't be happier with my guy. Check out there facebook page, they got some nice pics out there.

  11. Frank
    The breeder i obtained Ruger from is not breeding the Brittany currently. Here is a link to his complete pedigree. If you follow the Brittany you will recognize several of the dogs with a couple having been inducted into the hall of fame.

    Pending the results of his NAVHDA UT test and AKC Master Hunter testing this spring he will be an available stud dog. I do intend to have his hips and DNA completed prior to any breeding offerings.


    Here he is with a male litter mate. My vet tech's own two of his litter mates. "Ruger", "Remi" and "Ryder".
  12. Thanks Ruger - yes I do recognize alot of that pedigree. You must be very happy with your Britt!
  13. I am extremely happy with him. If you knew the whole story of how i obtained him, how i named him and where that journey has taken us you would prob roll your eyes and piss yourself, ahahaha.
    Not only is he a great hunter......he is loyal and one heck of a buddy......except when he tries to sneak beer from my buddy Paul.

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