Small boat rack for camper ?

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by KEN-813, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. I just picked up a 12 ft aluminum boat that I am looking to haul on top of my pop up camper, anybody know where i can get a good removable or mountable rack or carrier that I can use on my camper so I don't ruin my camper roof, I have been looking everywhere? RV dealers, internet JC Whitney? Nothing???,

    I have even thought about building a rack, anybody got any Ideas or pics of how they haul theirs? or of a home made rack?



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  2. When I was little may dad did the same thing when we went camping. All he did was take 2 2x4's, wrap the areas that would touch the camper and boat with foam and strap it down. Worked pretty good. :)

  3. Find yourself a set of old style cartop carriers. They clamp onto the drip edge channel of the roof/body of the car. Mount some small pieces of channel (use aluminum so they dont rust) to the roof of your camper and mount the car top carriers to those. :)
  4. If you were a little closer I could fab you up a nice mount out of tube steel. Which I can still do if you brought the camper down to me. What I can do is make up a couple I poles, one for the front one for the rear. Where they would bolt onto the camper with a couple bolts and wing nuts. I would use wing nuts for easy removal. The tube steel would be light enough for you so it would not be a pain to remove to open up the camper. Then when your done camping you can just put the poles back on and put the boat back on the top and strap it down and roll on down the road. I could also put a couple rollers on it so the boat can be slid up on the top easier.
  5. I use 4 boat seat cushions when hauling on top of the camper. Just put the cushions at the contact spots and strap the boat on them.
  6. Gander Mountain might still carry those stiff foam rubber cartop deals for canoes that fit on the gunnels and keep it from scratching the finish of the vehicle, then just strap it down.


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