Slug recommendations: 20ga H&R Ultra Slug Hunter

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by pescadero, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. So it looks like they've discontinued the slugs I have been happily using for several years (Remington Buckhammers), and I'm going to have to go through the "figure out what slugs it likes" dance again.

    So I'm looking for suggestions for what other folks are having success with in this gun as a starting point to minimize the number of different slugs to experiment with.

    Requirements -

    I hunt woods where shots will range from 10 yards to 100 yards, so it must perform ok up close (I've heard some higher velocity rounds have issues at short distances).

    2 3/4" shells. IME they tend to be more accurate than 3" counterparts, and pack much more reasonable recoil.

    So hit me with your recommendations!

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  2. I ran into a similar issue several years ago with a different item. Checked every Mom & Pop type hardware, tackle shop, sport shop, etc I could find and found enough to last me a few more years.

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  3. What gun do you have Pescy? The reason I ask; there is no standard rate of twist in rifling in the shotgun world. Some 20's use 1 in 28", others like my Savage 220 use 1 in 24" and others use slower 1 in 34" etc. Typically, if you have what is considered a fast twist slug barrel (1 in 24 or 1 in 28) usually those barrels tend to like higher velocity slugs. Lower velocity slugs like the Buckhammers usually like slower twist barrels. This isn't always the case but this is usually a good starting point in narrowing down the field. Lower velocity slugs are anything in 1450-1600 fps range. Most standard sabots are within this range. High Velocity 20's will range from 1700fps - 1950 or 2000fps.
  4. Thread Title - "Slug recommendations: 20ga H&R Ultra Slug Hunter"

    The Ultra Slug Hunter has a 1:28 twist.
  5. Whoops...didn't see the whole title on my minimized screen, sorry.
    My buddies H&R 20 shoots the Hornady's lights out. No problem with performance at any range on deer.
  6. I understand... I'm a champion at reading things but missing them...

    The SST I assume?
  7. I don't have the H&R but my daughter's Remington 1100 20 likes the Remington Core-Lokt Ultra's, or the Winchester Partition Gold.
  8. My 20" monitor took a dump and I have this temporary 14" replacement and the settings are fubared..... Should just use my phone.

    Yep, the SST. Most H&R's seem to shoot them well in both 20 and 12. Now my 1 in 24 Savage throws them like a load of buckshot. My guess is that the the twist rate is just a bit to much for that particular plastic sabot. The 1 in 28 guns seem to shoot those SST's pretty well. The performance on game I've seen first hand has been impressive.
    One benefit is the cost and they can be found pretty much everywhere. Those can be found for around $10 a box if you shop around. In the world of $14 and up to $20, that can be a substantial savings. Plus it doesn't hurt as bad to buy two boxes for experimenting.

    If you can find the partition golds, I would give them a try. Pricey though.

    Federal has a new 3" solid copper (Barnes TMZ copy since the patent has expired). The previous version with the Barnes did very well in my gun. If you're willing to give a 3" a try, it might be a good choice. Not sure if they are on shelves yet however. Last years version was about $15 a box.
  9. I used to have a 12guage HR slugger, the Hornady SST are the most consistent, fastest, slug i ever found out of the H&R. But beware they fly off the shelf quick so if you sight in with them, buy enough for the whole season because running out will suck and there hard to find during season. Good luck!
  10. I too shoot the Hornady SST! They Rock!
  11. Pesc, I have a 20 USL hunter also and the SST's grouped the best for me and most of my shots are also 10 to 70 yards. I haven't lost a deer after shooting with them yet but I have had a couple of dry fires.
  12. I have an encore 20g and my son has the savage 220 20g....both love barnes expanders......hornady sst didnt fly so good to my liking at least....I heard remmington accutip work good to just hard to find.

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  13. i shot a bunch of different brands last year and the best i found were lightfields right then i think im going to give it another round of brands to see if i find anything different with more shots threw my barrel now.
  14. My 20GA USH loves both 2 3/4" Remington Copper Solids and Lightfield Hybreds equally well. Both will do sub 2" groups at 100 yards. Hornady SSTs did not group very well and Hastings Lazers sprayed all over the paper. The Hastings "group" would've best been measured in feet rather than inches.
  15. Same setup as u. I've been shooting the 3" Lightfields of late. Very happy with performance and accuracy. I will b changing out red dot for new Leupold though. Shrubby

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