Sixty-Nine years ago today...

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  2. Sad day in American history for sure.........

    Only 3000 men/women left alive today that survived that attack.....

  3. I would like to give a very sincere thank you to all veterans. And we must never forget those that didn't even get a fighting chance.
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  4. I visited Oahu last June. It was a very somber experience. Bless them all.
  5. "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve"

    This is a supposed quote from a Japanese admiral after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    The photo by the original poster is surreal to me.It is hard to comprehend and gives me an awful feeling when I think about the lives lost that day.Then there is the 60 million lives lost worldwide as a result of WW2.What a terrible moment in history.
  6. Today is the first time in years that I was not able to buy one of the remaining Pearl survivors his breakfast on Dec 7th since I am out of town.

    He still is carrying pieces of shrapnel in his body after all those years. He has a piece that he thinks may be a 6 mm bullet on his breast bone that his doctor is always wanting to remove. Buck will not anyone take it off as it is now a part of him after all these years
  7. Amen!
  8. Naval General (Admiral) Isoroku Yamamoto spoke this. He was against the invasion of China and war with the U. S. He studied at Harvard University and had two postings as a naval attaché in Washington, D.C.. This gave him a chance to travel the U.S. and see our agricultural and industrial might.
  9. Sixty-nine years ago today the Axis Powers lost the war.
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  11. God bless our military, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  12. Amen!
  13. That Idiot in chief needs to take notes from Pearl Harbor on what it takes to end a war.
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