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  1. This subject was brought up the other night. Why is a sink box illegal?
    If its a saftey issue on public waters (perhaps because of boaters?), then why illegal on your own private pond or lake?

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  2. the department of natural resources in michigan believes in FAIR CHASE! there are other states that allow sink boxs and believe that it is fair chase. that sir it the very simple answer. ANALOGY---- other states allow crossbow hunting for everyone-----MICHIGAN doesn't----very simple BUT STUPID!

  3. Thanks for the reply. That (fair chase) was discussed, but it was also argued that todays camo options for boats and blinds can make hunters basically invisible if done correctly not to mention layout blinds ect. so they argued "whats the difference"?
    I was just wondering if saftey was a factor too, but guess not.
    Thanks again
  4. If sink baxes aren't fair chase, what are pit blinds?
  5. to my knowledge sink boxes are outlawed by federal law... ie.. not legal in any U.S. state. As for a pit blind i believe it is a loophole in that it is touching the bottom of the water body.

    i think you have to go to nova scotia to sink box hunt in north america.

    from the FWS website: (
    Illegal hunting methods. You cannot hunt waterfowl:
    From a sink box or any other low floating device that conceals you beneath the surface of the water.

    a pit blind does not float and is not a "sink box" so it is not specifically outlawed.
  6. everlast1

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    They are outlawed because they are deadly. Feds did away with them when they outlawed feeding.
  7. yes, sink boxes are illegal, i miss stated. pit blinds are legal elsewhere. the fair chase is still the reasoning for the ban along with baiting and 6 gauge and 8 gauge and punt guns. when you can wipe out 100-200 birds with a single shot i think the point of hunting is NULL AND VOID. as is with bait, those birds will still come in and feed until every kernel of corn is gone once they find it. kinda like SHOOTING FISH IN A BARREL! THANKS FOR THE CORRECTION
  8. You, Sir, are correct.

    Pit blinds are legal in Michigan. I don't think they are illegal anywhere, but I could be wrong.
  9. pit blinds are legal for the taking of waterfowl ONLY i believe. a pit blind to my knowledge is totally illegal for deer,bear,turkey, elk, etc. but i may be wrong (again).
  10. Sink boxes are also legal in Quebec. Nothing more frustrating to see birds after birds getting shot out of sink boxes and you are only 200 yards away hunting in Ontario waters and can only watch the show. Observation, they are way too effective. Was offered to shoot out of one, but declined that day because they were bailing more than they were shooting.
  11. I'm not sure sink boxes are illegal in all states. I seem to recall reading an article in Wildfowel about sink box hunting on the St. Lawrence.

    It appears also that this "curtain" blind would be considered a sink box.
  12. TSS,
    Probably the portion of the St. Lawrence that is referred to in the Wildfowl article is on the Quebec side, where, as others have stated, sinkboxes are legal.

    The curtain blind used in the Oakracoke Island guide advert is legal, because the hunter is standing on the bottom. If you are standing on the bottom, there is no prohibition on having your body concealed below the surface. The curtain itself is also anchored into the bottom - in essence, it's like standing behind a bunch of portable cattails.
  13. So, you could actually be in 4' of water and have the box be 4' deep and be legal? If so, I'm suprised I haven't seen anyone doing this in Michigan.
  14. as long as its not floating..... which is really the trick... sinkboxes are deadly becuase they are neutrally bouyant to the point that they barely break the surface of the water.... thus they are able to roll with waves and adjust for fluctuating water levels. A non-floating structure would have all kinds of trouble trying to achieve this in open water since you'd have to be able to constantly fine-tune it's height above the water line to keep the water out but maintain a lowest-possilbe profile.
  15. As stated curtain boxes are legal because they are resting on/connected to the bottom and not floating. The curtain goes up and down to account for changes in water levels due to wind tides, etc.

    The traditional sink boxes were used floating in open water for diving ducks and sea ducks.

    One reason you likely don't see any of these in MI is that a (semi) permanent blind such as this would be open on a first come first serve basis to any hunter (great lakes and public waters). In NC the blinds are permitted and are for the exclusive use of the permit holder for the duration of the permit - usually a season or two.

    It appears that this type of blind would be legal in Michigan on private land or bottomlands.

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