Single, Double, Triple, Quad 4-17-12

Discussion in '' started by daoejo22, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Went back out today, got just over 3/4 lbs in about 45 minutes. Nicer out today so I snapped a few pics. Good luck shroomers!




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  2. What area of the state?? They look to be on their downside.

    I got back about an hour ago from looking here in Alcona area. NOTHING!!! NADA!!!

    Looked for over an hour or so. Ash and poplar trees. Nothing by my conifers either. Nothing.

    SOON I hope. I'm hungry.

  3. yeah, id like to know what part of the state as well...not only are those the fat stemmed later appearing blacks, but theyre on their way out as guessing this has to be way south, if even in Michigan.
  4. I'm in west central michigan (Oceana county). Most of the morels where in prime shape, a few got hit by frost and the tops were bad, and a couple were old, but most of them was in prime shape.
  5. I have been picking in Lake/Mason counties for at least a month now. I have picked around 750-1000 so far and after looking today I have to say that I think it is done here. I found a lot of half-free morels tonight that appeared to be on their way out. I think the white ones will be here shortly if not now. I don't know why the east side would be on a different time frame than here but maybe it will happen. Good luck!
  6. I took my golf clubs and went to the course. Looked for shrooms all afternoon and all i found was a couple dozen of those damn little white balls. Too bad they aren't good to eat!!

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