Single Action -vs- Double Action. A question of durability and accuracy.

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by song_dog_slammer, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. I may be in the market to purchase my first hunting revolver. I like the Ruger brand in 44 Rem Mag/ Should be good medicine for whitetails and coyotes ok no big suprise. I plan on handloading the ammunition. I'm on the fence as to action choice. I try to imagine that I'm hunting deer, I see myself firing the gun primaily in single action. Can you please offer some advice or share some experiences of handgun hunting and which action you use. I'm not partial and completely on the fence although I will be purchasing in the Ruger line of stainless 44's.

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    Every gun hand I have is double action and unless you are into speed shooting, which isn't needed for hunting, double action is much safer and you can shoot with just as much accurracy with practice which you will have to have for a single action anyways

  3. I agree. I feel you can be just as accurate with a double as with a single.
  4. How about durability? I plan on handloading and loading them up a bit. Does the cylinder get sloppy over time?
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    If your taking a revolver vs a semi, I have shot over 6,000, probably close to 10,000 rounds through my .357 Colt Python, over 3,000 rounds through my S&W .357 snubby with no problems in either. I have had more problems (minor) with my Sig semi 40 cal with about 5,000 rounds than either of my revolvers. I would suspect that even handloading you are planning on being safe.

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  6. I have a S&W M29 (double action) in .44 mag. The nice thing about the double action is that you can shoot it either double or single action, so when hunting, you still have single action capability. As for "shooting loose", all revolvers will eventually do it over time, and it can be remedied by a competent gunsmith. I have had the opportunity to shoot both the Ruger Super Blackhawk and Redhawk in .44 magnum , and I think that both guns are winners! Pick the one that feels best to you, and I doubt that you will be sorry. One word of advice: put a pair of Pachmyr or other recoil reducing grips on before you shoot it; it makes a world of difference.
  7. I bought a Ruger Super black hawk 44 mag. It is my first handgun.Bought the gun used at a gun shop. (real reasonable 250.00) The gun shoots great.To bad i dont. I missed twice this year. The same gun shop has another gun just like mine only its newer.blued 7.5 barrel for 295.00 or best offer. its Wessels gun shop in Warren mi.
  8. Song dog slammer,
    In reality the design of the revolver is the biggest issue in reliability and mechanical accuracy.
    The double actions have a weak link at the crane,which after lots of use(Less in some makes)will bend slightly and throw accuracy off,and cause bullets to be misaligned when entering the forcing cone.
    The single actions have a better supported cylinder as it is through the axis,and are much simpler in design,with fewer parts to betray the shooter.
    This is why Freedom arms,Hamilton Bowen,and John Linebaugh all use a single action(Ruger Super blackhawks or custom clones)platforms for their high intensity cartridge firing creations.
    The Ruger Redhawk and Super Redhawk are built like bank vaults,and feature a locking crane unlike some other makes,making them more than strong enough to resist any problems incurred in an average lifetime of shooting.However if you plan on shooting a lot of heavy loads(Meaning thousands a year)you might consider a single action.
    The single actions,and the Bisley model in particular handle recoil a bit better in most hands,as they allow the recoil energy to roll the pistol muzzle upwards in the hand,cheating the total rearward thrust by a good margin.
    I am on the second barrel on my Bisley now,and have flat worn out several other parts as well,but the lock up is still solid,bore and cylinder alignment is still dead on,and she will still hold 5" at 80M from a rest.I can't say that a double action would do as well,as I havn't tried to wear one out yet.But I am convinced I made the right choice.Also look into how each type fits and points for you,they point very differently,and pointability and fit are very important to hitting reliably.
    Good luck either way!

  9. Thanx guys it's not likely I'll shoot even one thousand rounds per year through this thing. I'll have the oppurtunity to shoot both guns on 2-10. Which also happens to be my birthday, I'll make a more informed experienced decision when I lay my money on the table.
  10. Seriously if you are going to look at buying a handgun to hunt with look into the Thomspon Contender. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but I don't think you can hunt in the shotgun only zone with a Contender (am I right?).

    I personally don't own one yet, but everybody I hunt do and they loves their Contenders.
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    You can hunt in the shotgun zone with a contender if it shoots straight walled catridges, like a 45-70. New just this last year.
  12. I own a "Colt Anaconda 44 Mag" double action. Great hunting revolver, 2x7 Redfield scope. Team Realtree gun. Trigger has been lightend, and completely realtree camo. It's awesome!!
    woodencane. [​IMG]
  13. WOW! Now that is hunting revolver just don't drop her in the grass the camo job looks professionaly done.

    I have considerd the T/C I currently hunt coyotes with a contender carbine they are nice guns! MIke just wants something new, diffrent.
  14. Hey Woodencanoe. if your willing to part with that colt look me up first. . I belive they only made that gun in camo only one year. It came with a matching case if I remember right. I allways wanted that gun. But I had to settle for a Ruger SBH 44mag instead. owell maybee someday!! Arrowlauncher.

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  15. Arrowlaucher, I like it to much to ever sell it. But your right I got a matching case with it when I bought it, says "TEAM REALTREE" on it. I bought it around 1994 -95. I remember when I was getting it registered,the officer that waited on me showed every cop at the station the gun, they where drooling. Then they went and got there cheif, and ask him if they could all get new service pistols like this one!!
    see ya, woodencanoe

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