Singing Bridge Smelt Run?

Discussion in 'North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by boddah4, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. When do the smelt start running at the Singing Bridge? I am anxious to go net me some.

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  2. Sorry but your about 10+ years to late. There's hasnt been any real "runs" around in years. Not saying there are absolutely none but the numbers are very, very, very small and the ones they do get are here today, gone tommorow. :sad:

  3. That stinks, do you know of anywhere where they do run?
  4. Yeah, they "run" about $3.99 a pound for the commercialy caught ones at the two fish stores on US23 and M65! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Hopefully there are a few "local" members that will send you a PM on this. I was kinda hoping with the water being up a bit in Lake Huron this year that we might get a few somewhere along the coast this year. :)
  5. I doubt there's really anywhere that gets a significant run on the East side anymore. If there is anywhere decent, no one will tell, guaranteed. To be honest, with smelt numbers so low, they should put a ban on any smelt dipping/fishing to let the few around get some recruitment for a few years. When they're so low, why keep taking them?
  6. I didn't realize that the numbers were low, just love the taste of them.
  7. 1989
  8. You could always head to Higgins Lake.
  9. That sure was fun back 30-35 years ago;)
  10. Just remember Higgins Lk is hook&line only, w/ a 2 gallon limit.
  11. I can remember back in the mid to late 70's, you could feel the smelt just banging into your waders and the net would get so full you had to drag it over to the bucket.Then you did not even care while dumping it out if half fell back in to the water.

    Years before that my dad would come home and dump them into the bathtub, and us 5 kids would go to town with scissors cleaning them. That night was fried smelt french fries with lots of ketchup.

    I feel sorry for a the young punks out there getting in trouble today. There use to be lots of outdoor stuff to keep me out of trouble.
  12. Just looking for advice, not smart*** comments, thanks.
  13. He was just speaking the truth. The UP still gets some halfway decent smelt runs in a few places. Check out the Outings forum - I think someone was trying to organize something for Smelt on there.

    I grew up in Bay City in the 70's, and if someone had told us that the Smelt runs were going to die out, we would have bet serious money that they were wrong. And we would have lost. Heck, we usually just went out to the bay at night, and dipped them on the sandbars. If you hit it right, you could get more than any 10 families could use. Right around Easter was usually a great time. I realize that the date for Easter can vary quite a bit. Warm nights were the ticket. If you had a warm night, following a warm rain, and a full moon, it was amazing.
  14. Sorry you're so sensitive. I did give you another post about higgins smelt. Good luck fishing.
  15. I remember clearly sitting on the back porch with my Dad scissors in hand and a big wash tub full of smelt God they tasted sooo good:)
    remember we would put a inner tube around the wash tub and tie a rope around your waist and to the wash tub and just start scooping and filling the tub:lol: and a Steelhead or Brown now and then would find the net:eek: but always ah ah released;)

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