Silver Bass are tasty!!!

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  1. Well I have some perch and eyes in the freezer like many of you and I give away a lot of fish. We caught a few eyes the other day and one silver bass. We are spoiled (when it comes to fish) but I have been wanting to try a silver bass. I tried a gorgeous light colored small mouth last year and could barely bring myself to take a bite. The small mouth wasn't very good. But this silver bass seemed to be just the right size to try (probably about 14 inches long). I just used the "shoulder" meat and soaked in milk (skim) for 24 hours. I then poured the milk out and brushed a little egg on it and dipped it in italian bread crumbs with some black pepper, garlic powder and a bit of hot red pepper. Usually I make my own tartar sauce for walleye and perch from miracle whip, sour cream (4:1) two tablespoons of non-sweetened sweet pickle relish, and a liberal dose of chopped up jalapenos. Well to be fair and impartial I just put a bit of lemon juice on it and tried it without any sauce. It was delicious! I sauteed it in a bit of olive oil and it was flaky, tender and not at all oily. I couldn't believe it. It was comparable to walleye and the texture was not too dissimilar (maybe a skosh less soft but not much). I recommend you try it. I put some pics of the fish in my downstairs freezer (so you didn't think I was desperate! :lol: ) and a couple of the bass in my gallery since I don't know how to post the pics.

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  2. This is what I had done with 16 of them little silvers, (smoked) taste great. This is the last one they didn't last long I'm ready for round 2.

  3. I don't know why silver bass get a bad rap, they are delicious.
  4. I dont think it's the silver bass getting the bad rap, it's the rock bass! :coolgleam
  5. i eat them and the white perch ! wh perch better
    7-8 $$ lb at kroger

    nothing beats walleye .....white bass in comparison always play 2nd fiddle
    especially when eating along side of walleye.....makes them taste worse

    be like ordering corn dogs with a steak dinner
  6. Just keep them iced down after catching them and either fry them before freezing or smoke them, I did about 50 of them in my smoker last year and everyone that tried them enjoyed em. Al :chillin:
  7. Does anyone have a legitimate reason for why people insist on soaking fish in milk?
    I've seen this mentioned in numerous recipes, and with numerous fish species, and have never been able to figure out why people do this.
  8. snaggs

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    The secret to tender good tasting fish (not just silver bass) is keeping them ice cold after they are caught. :cool: Too many fishermen just throw fish in a cooler with not enough ice. After the fish have been on ice in your cooler for your day of fishing,clean them immediately and keep them ice cold. :cool: You can store fish for some time if packaged properly,but there is nothing better than fresh fish on the grill,deep fried,pan fried or smoked. :corkysm55
  9. milk takes the fishy taste and smell out of the fish, people from the south or the ones that live close the ocean like white bass more than perch & walleye because it has the fishy taste & smell just like salt water fish.thats what they are used to eating
    The best way to cook white bass [whole] is to rap it in foil and throw it in the fireplace or fire pit, not in the oven. When itÂ’s done just add salt & lemon this is the tastiest I ever had it .
  10. I think the reason why silver bass and rock bass get a bad rap is because of the word bass! When in reality they are considerd pan fish, and rock bass getting the bad rap fine dont eat em only the best eating next to perch. And dont nock it till you try it.
  11. I tried a couple rock bass last year and they were great, won't hear any complaining from me.

    I think with silver bass the temperature must make a difference, I have tried a couple caught in the spring when the water temp is still pretty cold and they were fine. I then tried some later in early summer when the water temp was up and they smelled and tasted like a fishy skunk.
  12. Yep, toss into the fire and forget it. :lol:
  13. Way to many people do not treat the fish they caught properly right from the start. The fish should be killed immediately and placed on ice. It should not be put on a stringer, in a basket, or left to slowly die in a live well with surface temperature water in it. Ice the fish down.

    Since so many people have not iced their fish they tend to want to mask that fishy smell and taste by soaking in whole milk.
  14. I`ve had silver bass in the past and they are great.I`ll also keep a good size rock bass as well in the winter ,ice fishing .But the colder the water that you catch them out of the more firm they are. I`ll never forget my dad when growing up,we caught some 5 to 10 pound sheep head. You guessed it..He thought why waste them ...I could never think of do that to my kids.. The thought of eating sheep head ,especially 5 to ten pound lake Erie sheep head,is just stomach turning.Oh,... I have a great recipe for sheep head..... Take a whole six to ten pounder and scale it real good, you can leave the head on or off then you take about a pound of well rinsed gravel stone ,stuff the sheep head with the gravel, spice it up and if you want soak it in any type milk you want or cream. cook till it flakes apart ,then take the gravel out throw away the sheep head and eat the remaining gravel....haha :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::evil::evil::evil: there ya have it the recipe for the week lol..

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