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  1. hi, i was wondering if we can own silencers here in michigan yet. i kinda remember hearing about something that we could but i dont know if i am correct.. i just got done reading the new combat hanguns and they have an article about a ruger mark II all pimped out with an advance armament silencer on it makes me drool...i know it is only a .22 but it is sweet.

    later, dave

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  2. No they are illegal. I doubt they will ever be legal.

  3. man that is just too what do i have to do to get one, get a FFL or something or what. all they are is a class III i guess. i found a map and there are a lot of other states that allow them. i will find it again and post a link for it. man it would be nice being able to target shoot and not have to worry about ruining the neighbors nap time.

    later, dave
  4. When I was in Scotland last fall I hunted with a 308 with a silencer on it, When I shot the Roe deer I shot with it, the gun wasn't even as loud as a was a first for me, it was pretty cool I felt like a sniper or something...:lol:.......Mack
  5. not sure but i think it might be against federal law
  6. Check out the Rimefire Central Forums. There is a lot of pictures of .22's with suppressors on them.

    Could you imagine squirrel hunting, and not spooking all the squirrels with the first shot?
  7. I believe that a silencer on any wepon will make it a title II wepon requiring the same paperwork as a full auto.
    I'd contact the ATF. I know it is possible BUT there is a ton of paper, checks, cards, and laws. It is also illegal to hunt with in MI. But it would be cool.
  8. Silencers are legal under Federal law. It is State law that keeps them out of our hands for now.

    Silencers are basically regulated in the same section of Michigan law as machine guns. That law in a nutshell states that these items cannot be possesed by Michigan residents without a license.

    A little over a year ago Michigan State Attorney General Mike Cox wrote a new legal opinion which opened Michigan up to ownership of machine guns. This legal opinion pretty much said that the Federal paperwork which approved the transfer of a machine gun to a person was a license. This now allows a Michigan resident to file the appropriate paperwork and possess a machine gun upon approval by the ATF.

    Unfortunately, silencers (or suppressors) were never mentioned in this opinion. Because of this, the ATF is not approving transfers of suppressors to Michigan residents.

    Mike Cox's office has been asked for clarification on the silencer issue because of the fact that they are covered in the same section of law as machine guns. Most of us believe that if the federal paperwork is a license for a machine gun, it should be for a suppressor as well.

    Mike Cox has his people researching this issue and there is currently a couple differing points of view as I understand it. Those of us in the community who have been following this issue are hoping for a favorable opinion by spring.

    Hunting with a supressor would still be against the law unless those laws could be changed which I seriously doubt we will ever see.

    Hope this helps.
  9. woodchucksniper, thanks now it is clear to me. i remembered seeing stuff about being a machine gun state at the gun shows. yeah that would be great to get the suppressors too.

    later, dave
  10. If you roll both windows down and put the barrel in the car and shoot out the other window people cant hear the muzzle blast making a silencer. :yikes: :D :p
  11. I think you've been reading too much Cuffs&Collars from the Michigan Outdoor News and getting some tips from all those geniuses that keep the handful of CO's we have so busy....LOL....
  12. Thats true buckmaster-but the shooter better have ear plugs ! (and be looking over his shoulder !
  13. Yeah I wondered if it might have enough blast to break out the glass or something. I have never done it and never plan to, but I was told it does work!!
  14. The way I have always understood it that for silencers to work properly, where all you really hear is the slide working, you need to be shooting subsonic rounds. So it would work on a 22 rimfire, but not a whole lot of other calibers. Now I'm sure you can quiet other calibers down some, but not completly like in the movies where the sniper whacks the bad guy and no one hears it.

    Any input from you military/gun guru's?

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