Shupac lake

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by deadduck12, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. I will be heading up to Shupac Lake saturday 7-21 with a friend. It will be our first time on this lake. Is anybody going to be up there? We will be in my 14' camo w/ 9.9 grey honda. Don't be shy cause we won't know what we are doing anyway. Has anybody been up there? If so did you catch anything.

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  2. dnr kinda manages her for rainbows..nice deep little pleasure crowd.....i haven't fished it since early 80' 'snakebit 'he may have camped there somewhat recently and have up to date or at least newer info

  3. Might want to check the regulations and trout stamp is a must. Also I dont believe gas motors are allowed.
    Best check it out b4 you make the trip but have fun!
  4. We will be after 'bows. We have fished them before on different lakes. We are hoping to not get skunked but chances are it will be long night.
  5. You are allowed a motorized boat but, it's a "NO WAKE" lake. Going after the Bows at night is a good a search there's lots of info here on it. Another good bet is while you're waiting for the night bite drift it with Crawler and you'll be amazed at what you'll pick up. Last year my buddy picked up a 23" Smallie there with a crawler and a splitshot. Got his Master Anglers Award and it ended up being 3rd largest for catch and release for the year. GREAT LAKE!! You'll love it!!
  6. Awesome!!! TY
  7. We ended up with a couple small perch and gills but did have something big that we lost. It is anice lake but a long way to go and drive back from in the middle of the night. Especially with no fish.
  8. Been there...done that. There's always next time.;):)

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