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Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by Danase, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, where are some good shore fishing spots Downriver where I can take a little kid who's never fished before. I'm thinking of more inland streams or ponds.


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  2. The the Huron river in Flatrock. Easy access. Moving water, and still water. Always fish around. And there is a park with some play stuff in case the fishing gets boring.

  3. Huroc Park? I heard it was super flooded but it might be down now. I always wondered if the fishing was any good there. Thanks for the info.!
  4. Lake Erie Metropark. Lots of bass,carp and even a few perch. There's also at least 1 spot there where you can catch walleyes. :D Lots of places to fish. Move around till you find what you like. Also a good chance for the kids to see deer on almost every trip.
  5. Largemouth

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    It's down now. Carp and a few bass in the open park area. Pike here and there. Doughballs for the carp or chunks of crawler pitched along weed edges for bass. Lots of panfish in the backwaters. That's a good area for a kid. Pretty cool spot back there. Bring the bug spray though!
  6. Thanks guys!

    Amen on the bug spray. We went to fish at the pond at Willow Metro Park a few weeks back and I honestly got two feet into the grass and had 10 bites on my legs. Ended up fishing off the fishing pier they have there.
  7. Heritage Park in Taylor but I think you would do better in the backwaters of the Huron in Flat Rock.
  8. Thanks! I forgot about that park too. I was also thinking of that pond at Patriots Park in Riverview.
  9. I drive by that park on a regular basis and I can't recall ever seeing anyone fishing there.
  10. I saw someone fishing there this past weekend and this coming weekend for the Downriver Cruise they have a kids fishing expo going on. Not sure what they get out of there though. I'm guessing blue gill or something.
  11. The Refection pond in riverview at patroits park is a Great place to take a kid fishing, Grew up riding my bike there. Also the golf course down the road offers some good fishing also for kids.

    Took my daughter there when she was 3 and a carp ripped her dora pole right out of her hand when she wasn't paying attention. To make a long story short it could of been a Americas home Video winner if it was caught on tape!!
  12. Blue gill, perch, goldfish, oscars, carp, suckers, bullhead, i was pretty young but pretty sure i caught a silver bass out of there.
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  13. Thanks Perchyanker!

    When you went fishing at the golf course did they let you on it or was this during closed hours?
  14. Well actully if you turn left at the light where the golf course is (heading towards fort) you can pretty much park on the street and stay on the non golf course side and as long as you don't feed the geese nobody will bother you (Its not the island across the trenton channel where you can't fish anywhere). I also never fished to close to sibley but, closer to the school. I use to catch alot of bullhead and carp and some gills out of there. (and golf balls) The canal runs right along that road (pheasent run i think) quite a ways. I would try the reflection pond first on the west side. My daughter is 7 now and I have a boat now and I've took her out a few times. A few times me and her and a few times with me her and another kid and adult and found it best to have another kid around to keep it competitive to help keep interest.
  15. Thanks again! My daughter is still really young so that is why I look for places close because if she's done with it after 10 minutes than I did not have to drive an hour. LOL I'm in Southgate so Riverview is noce and close.

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