shooting slugs through a smooth bore

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by ds77755, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Hi there.
    I'm rather new to shotguns, so please forgive any ignorance. I recently purchased a Beretta A300 Outlander semi-auto for bird hunting (grouse/woodcock). A friend asked me to go deer hunting. Beretta does not make a slug barrel for this gun, but I'd like to use it for deer, if I can.

    Can slugs be shot through the smooth bore barrel?

    If so, do the slugs need to be rifled slugs?

    What choke should be used?

    thanks in advance!

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  2. Rifled slugs are pretty much the only option for smooth bore shotgun barrels. As for your barrel, I know some chokes are better than others, but not sure which one. I have a slug barrel for my Ithaca.

  3. Do not use a rifled choke!! The slugs will tumble. I always used a mod choke with slugs

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  4. Brenneke rifled slugs would likely be best option. Killed dozens of deer with them out of a smoothbore cylinder bore barrel before investing in a slug gun. R
  5. Brenneke is the only way to go on smooth bore guns in my opinion also.
    :) Goodluck!
  6. Winchester X slugs work too.

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  7. X3. Hands down winner for smooth bore barrel slugs.
  8. Your options are foster style rifled slugs or brenneke slugs. Don't shoot sabots through a smoothbore.

    There may be a gun out there somewhere that likes foster slugs better than brennekes, but I have never seen one yet. Stick with improved cylinder or cylinder for your choke. People say you can go tighter for slugs, but brennekes are pretty hard compared to any other rifled slug. I wouldn't want to tighten up on them too much.
  9. The only slug that flew better than a Brenneke out of my 1100 imp. cylinder was the federal hi shok magnums.
  10. X4

    Here fishy fishy..
  11. On short notice throw in some Buckshot keep the deer within 40 yards and get some meat down!

  12. I've pretty much knocked down on the spot every deer I've shot at with my old Ithaca "Deer Slayer" and have yet to have one go more than 50 yards. I say old as it's only chambered for two and three quarters and has always performed well and throws a very respectable group out to 100 yards using "foster" slugs when I'm using Federal Hi-Shok ounce and a quarter mags. I say 100 yards because that's about my limit with the open rifle sights it came with. ;)

    I don't know how it shoots Brenneke's because I'm cheap, er I mean frugal. :yikes: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I have the exact same Ithaca with bird and smooth bore deer slayer barrels. Inherited it from my Grandfather. I think it must be from the 70's.
  14. Brenneke is the way to go with!

    German american product. Cant get any better :corkysm55

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  15. Mine is from the early seventies as well, Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight "Deer Slayer" with a satin finish and deer engraved on the receiver, it was the first gun I ever purchased new. While no longer my primary weapon of choice during rifle season it has never not gone up north with me every year. :)

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