Shoot thru Mesh?

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by Huntinman225, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. For X-mas last year I got a pop-up blind with the shoot thru mesh, I was wondering if anyone has used this and does it work or do you have to cut it for your arrow?


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  2. JimLeadfoot

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    Not a direct answer to your question, but I shot a deer through the mesh of my Penthouse blind. It really wasn't intentional, I had several of the windows open from directions I thought deer might come from, but I was presented a shot through a (mesh-closed) window. Now it looks like a big cigar burn. I haven't replaced the window, but I do see them on sale occassionally at end of season sales.


  3. As far as shooting through with no deflection, i have had no problems. The only problem I have is that the camo mesh itself distracts my eyes and that has made me on 1 occasion make a marginal shot. but i did recover the bird.
  4. OK, I would figure that shooting thru the mesh with a gun would have little to no affect to your shot, I am asking if you can shoot thru it with an arrow and have it not send your arrow in a tree:D

  5. i've shot my bow out of my pop up without a problem. if you try to shoot the mechanicals thru mesh you could/ will have a problem with them opening early. but if you shoot fixed blades thru it you'll see that it doesn't even make a difference, now i have a dog house blind and i don't like the small mesh shoot thru's. there is a velcro strip that goes all the way around the big window of the blind. does anyone know where i could buy the shoot thru mesh for a big window?
  6. Huntinman,
    My first post i meant with a bow, sorry i diddn't specify. you should have no problem.
  7. You shouldn't have any problem shooting fixed blade heads through the mesh with a well tuned bow. You can shoot certain mechanicals through mesh, but mechanicals with "L" shaped blades are not recommended. Be sure to practice shooting through the mesh before season to be certain of your point of impact.
  8. I Shoot Trough The Netting With A 2 Bladed Stos On My Doghouse Blind With No Efect On Arrow Flight ...:)
  9. I have never had to shoot through my mesh in the field but I have practiced shootin through it and it has very little if any effect at all on the arrow at 30 yrds. I know Ameristep does not reccomend shooting a gun through it do to muzzle flash which could catch your blind on fire.
  10. I would be concerned about shooting with a firearm seems to me like that could ignite a fire.

    FISH they make a window kit for the doghouse I believe it is known as a TSC window kit.

  12. Shot my Bear through the mesh with the hand cannon and destroyed the mesh. I have a friend that has shot through his with the bow and has no problem. He does not use his reapers though. He goes with cut on contact blades.

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