shoehorn spoons by lur-jenson

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chopper, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Has anyone tried these shoehorn lures yet? Sat. june 12 out of grand haven , after trolling for 4 hours and no bites,we put one on our portside dowmrigger.55ft water,dirty,and 25ft down we took a 7lb King,right away then got blown off the lake. I think I will pick up a few different ones and give them a try. Who knows, they have a little bit differant action. Thanks CHOPPER:)

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  2. I gave a hard look at them at Gander but they were enormous. If I come across a smaller size I'm going to grab a couple.
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  3. looks like a good laker spoon for bouncing bottom?
  4. great laker spoon not to big
  5. Chopper

    I got some from Gander a couple weeks ago. I had heard the salmon were hitting the Purple Haze Shoehorn Spoon. I got the spoon home and went to put it in the spoon box "Made in China" UGH. Anyway I ran the spoon Memorial Weekend out of St. Joe all weekend without a strike. Everything else was firing SilverStreak Blue Dolphin, Dream Weaver NBK, Moonshine Wild Perch...., with Moonshine Wild Perch the best. I won't buy another shoehorn Spoon I'll spend my money on SilverStreaks and Moonshines. Both Made in the U.S.A and Michigan companies and better lures IMHO.

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  6. I don't think I'll get more now that you said there made in China I like moonshines to but watch out some bad hooks got put on the new ones lots of hookes breaking

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