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  1. here are my choices for my birth day present. any ways looking to get a two man either a shappell made in michigan or a clam that i am not sure were it is made. which do you guys think is better there about the same price etc etc... i like the fact the shapell has under seat rod storage. but is the clam a far better flip over sled set up then the shappell? or are they just as good the shappell has a bench seat the clam has a set of single person seats that rotate. which maybe a pain if fishing alone cause your on one side or the other. is the clam more comfotable then the shappell seating wise . see why it is a toss up and need input on this. there good sleds but is one better then the other?


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  2. I don't know about clam but I have heard that shappell customer service is as good as it gets. If anything goes amiss they really take care of you. And from looking through other threads on this most people really like the bench seating on the shappell.

  3. I have the Clam Yukon, and have not had a problem so far with it.

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  4. If you go shappell ... i think their are two models (1.5 ) one has a bench with a back rest , the other is a bench with NO back ! If you hold tight a little longer ...the stores will have them out !! best way to get the real feel for them !!!! I think that shappell is a deeper sled ..10 inches deep .

    franks really put out a display !!!
  5. I run the clam to, its like the best thing out there.
  6. I measured the clam and it is almost 12" deep, and pulls easy by hand.
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    Frank's has their shanties on display already...
  8. is the clam sled made in the usa at least? thats real what getting me to go for the shappell right now. plus i have use shappell before and there great shelters. btw thank you for all the replies so far.
  9. To tell you the truth I really don't know.
    I know the bolts for it are now, after I replaced the cheap overseas ones they sent with it. The sled I could not tell ya though

    I have never been in a shappell before, but I have 2 friends that had issues with them, but I also had an issue with my clam when I first put it together. When you get one let me know so I can sit in it, and then maybe I will like it.

    I am not picking on shappell in any way because from the ones I have seen they also look nice.

    As for now I still like my clam, and whatever you choose I am sure you will be happy.

  10. ya i have heard about that bolt problem on the clams i think it was a review at ya i wish i knew they were made in the usa it would help me a lot more on buying one. i mite go with the shappell cause i know for a fact it is made in the usa. i woulkd rather buy american made products then over seas that what wrong with this county. and the president is trying to fix that with one of his newest bills. any ways i am a big guy so you know why i am worried about those bolt breaking in the clam mainly the seat bolts. even if it is american i sure it has it problems but i am sure they will fix it. any ways thanks for all the help love my frabill but it's only a one man cant fit two . of couse it not usa made either. that why i am thinking shappell.
  11. I have 2 clams the 1 man and the Yukon. They work great and what I really like about the Yukon you can take the other seat out which gives you more room. And the new ones are better made now........
  12. I have had the shapell S3000 for about a decade. I use it some years daily I'n the winter. Also the service is amazing with those guys! I have never had any problems that were not my own fault, several years ago I purchased extra poles and made a spot to hang my fish finder from it's like watching tv now. If I had to do it over I might have bought the 4 man version, the 2 man is full with just myself and my gear but I tend to over do things. Once I had a crappy heater and on a windy day I did not have the shanty anchored down and ............ The shanty tipped over and burst into flames lol but shapell sent me a new cover and hardware for $99, I really just love my shapell and new anchors lol
  13. ya i have a minute man for over 20 years now. made by shappell i know the qualtiy am realy considering the 2 man flip over case it made in usa. not sure were the clam is made :dizzy: any ways thanks for the great respone on an american product.

    Shappell has removable windows. If your window cracks you can replace it for a couple dollars with a standard window replacement.

    I don't think the Clam has removable windows.

    Windows will inevitably crack at some point. If the unit does not have removable windows, you're screwed.

  15. thanks for the help i have had my shappell with the same tent cover for over 20 year it need to be replaced this is why i am looking at a new one the zippers work the windows have not craket yet and floor boards are rotten out. any ways great tents shappell makes guess i will go with another.

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