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Discussion in 'Icefishing Lk. St. Clair' started by Dialtone, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. OK, so since we are all itching for ice, I am sure many of us have been getting our gear fine tuned. I have a question about adding material to my portable Viking shelter. I would like to add about 3-5 inches of material to the bottom of the doors. They tend to let in a lot of wind since there is no zipper on the bottom of the doors. I was planning on using some old tarp material but not sure what the best way to sttach it would be. Sewing it with mono was a thought, but it will probably rip easily. Any adhesives that you can think of that would work with this type of material? Superglue just didn't work, and it will need to be a long piece, like 3 feet long.

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  2. What kind of doors do you have on that viking that it needs 3 feet added to the bottom?! I would try fabric glue and do a test on a spare piece of tarp. Could you add velcro to the bottom and use that to keep it closed instead of adding material? Just a thought. I have a homemade shanty with a viking cover on it and my doors seem fine, can't imagine what the problem is.

  3. I would use sticky sided velcro. Add a drop of gorilla glue and your set. If you want to get serious, take it to a boat cover repair place. They can sew on a piece.

    Shoot my minds going, how about some snaps. You have to cut some small holes, but the would work.
  4. I thought of that too, but then figured it is 3 running feet of extra material and not an extra 3 feet to the height of the door.

    Cut the strip to the length of the door and be sure it will overlap the floor nicely and overlap by about 4 or more inches onto the door material.

    If using the sticky backing on Velcro do the setting up in a warm area. If your shanty is that plastic material then you might have a bit of a problem with the sticky stuff sticking properly.

    I added a flap over the top of the window to cut down on light on my Shappell 3000 which had that cloth type of canvas and had no problem with the Velcro sticking to the side of the shanty or the material.
  5. Contact cement should work for you. Al :chillin:
  6. I thought about velcro, but then again attaching the actual velcro to the material is the same issue. I will see how good the adhesive is on that first. Maybe have to add some gorilla glue to it. Thanks to everyone.
  7. Sew the extra material on with dental floss. If you have one of the older shantys with the plastic tarp material, use fabric on the inside as well to give the stitching some backing.
  8. GOOP fixes everything. The duct tape of glues.:) Capnhook
  9. I used a product I bought at Joann fabrics called "Fabri-Tac" it works better than anything out there when it comes to glueing canvas like material. They also had the material they called duck cloth in different colors to help me patch this year holes from furry little creatures. Works in any temp too.
  10. On my Shappell I used sticky back velcro, on the door I stuck it on and sewed it with 2lb.test mono, sewed it with 2 pairs of pliers and a big curved needle I had from taxidermy class, the bottom I run a line of 2 part epoxy down the middle and stuck it on. 4-5 years now and it`s still holding up good. Mike
  11. My clam is full of patches,never leave it tucked away where the mice can get at it.Next year Hopefully I can afford a new one.I call it the patch trap!!
  12. i used to have a viking shanty a 400 model?. the bottom of the doors had no zipper to close them off. soooo after sitting through a few windy snowy days contemplating this very subject. i took it to a canvas boat top makers shop near my house at the time. sewn a nice flap of canvas along the bottom that i could tuck in and no more wind. cost me i think $25
  13. Thanks thunderman...That's exactly the situation I am referring to. I have an old Viking 300 and the bottom of the door is very drafty. I still didn't add the material yet because I was repairing the carpeting in it. I think I will try to do some fixes this weekend.

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