Selling a handgun?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by sgc, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. How does a person go about selling a personal handgun (within the State of Michigan) ?

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  2. In state...

    1. Find a buyer
    2. Buyer gets his / her PP (Unless they have a CPL)
    3. You meet and fill out all of the info on the PP (or RI60 for CPL)... Keep your copy.
    4. He / She gives you the money
    5. You go home with money.. He / She goes home with gun.

    If you plan to sell out of state...

    1. Find a buyer
    2. They mail you the cash & copy of the FFL on their end.
    3. You take your handgun to a local FFL (they ship it to buyers FFL)
    4. You go home.

  3. Thanks,
    I would have thought it harder than that. So, I don't need to have an FFL license to sell my personal handgun to someone from Michigan as long as they get the Purchase Permit form or (CPL, R160) & I fill out all of the information off of my purchase permit, on that particular handgun.
  4. sgc - what are you selling?
  5. Hopefully you are not thinking that it is not hard enough and that you would like to see even more restrictions.
  6. TBBASSDADDY, I emailed you what I'm selling, let me know if you don't get it.
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  7. Selling a firearm is a big enough PITA as it is....

    For example... it is 100% perfectly legal for me to sell my AR across state lines (deal pending right now). Only stipulation is that I (a non 01 FFL) must mail it to someone with a valid 01 FFL.

    But then there are those yahoo's with FFL's that only accept shipments from other 01 FFL's. Which adds a degree of difficulty and cost to the process. It's no different than me, a Post March 2005 issue CPL holder, buying a long gun in Michigan and being subjected to an NICS background check. Going above and beyond the law is a waste of time and money and a cause of frustration...


  8. thx
  9. I just put it in a box, and off it goes
  10. To each their own :)
  11. I would contact your local sheriff department. The last time I bought a use handgun we both, (the seller and myself) went to the Macomb co sheriff department and did the transaction there.
  12. No more post purchase inspection. Rules changed earlier this year. Now you just mail the required copies of the PP or RI-60 to the State Police.
  13. I just took my completed paperwork into the sheriff's office. I went in one day filled out the application to purchase. Paid the $8 after you take a little test. Went back in within 10 days and gave them the paper (cards) and they said I was all set.
  14. You got ripped off. They can't charge for a permit and they know it. State Police updates have stated this three times already. It's even on the MSP website under "frequently asked questions".,1607,7-123-1586_27094-10953--,00.html

    1. Are there any fees for the following Michigan forms?

    License to Purchase: MCL 28.423 was repealed by PA 381 of 2000 eliminating the $5 processing fee for obtaining a License to Purchase. However, you may be charged a fee to notarize the application for a License to Purchase. MCL 28.422 A local police or sheriff may charge up to $1.00 for the cost of providing, to the owner, a copy of information that was entered in the pistol entry database.
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  15. They charge a processing fee as they call it. That is a loop hole they found to get around everything. Last time I did it Lenawee County Sherriffs Office charged me 10 dollars for processing the purchase permit.

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