Seeking all-aluminum recurve info....

Discussion in 'Traditional Archery' started by PrtyMolusk, May 18, 2004.

  1. Howdy-

    While attending the local VFW rummage sale this past weekend, my son bought me a recurve!

    OK, it was only $1.00, but I've never seen one quite like this....

    It is 100% aluminum. The limbs are a pleasant green color, and the 'handle' (riser?) is, if memory serves, kind of a dark brick red color.

    On the back of one of the limbs is the remnant of a sticker which says (again, going from questionable memory here...) "Jan-____" and a city which may be is definately a hyphenated company name anyway.

    I'll correct my post tomorrow after I write the details down tonight (home computer not up yet) but I'd thought I'd start the research ball rolling .....

    Any info out there?

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  2. I think there use to a company out of Ludington that made alumunum bows. I beleive they were called "Ivanhoe". I'm sure someone on here will know more than me. I also have an old alumunum recurve around here somewhere, but I can't read the label either. Neat thing to have, noisey to shoot.

  3. Howdy-

    Well, that's what I get for going by memory..... :eek:

    Label really says "PAR-_____"
    Patent Pend

    Limbs are a nice green, like those 50's aluminum tumblers; grip area is black.

  4. The name of the bow is a PAR-X and it was made in Jackson Michigan. Probably made about 1930-1940 era. I'd hold on to it and check out its value! ;)
  5. Howdy-

    Thanks, 2-BIG ! I knew someone would come through....

    Now for some research!
  6. Howdy-

    Well, after a fruitless day of searching, all I've been able to do is find a couple for sale on various auction sites...

    Does anyone know of a good informational site where I might find out further details? Doing a search on 'aluminum recurves' gives me a whack of hits but all are on 'aluminum' or 'recurve'...'PAR-X' gets nothing useable. Any ideas on how to take this search further???
  7. I'll do some checking and hopefully have some info for you soon. ;)
  8. No luck finding any info yet. Ron LaClair did tell me he owned one in the 50s but sold it when he found out how dangerous they were.
  9. Howdy,

    ..."but sold it when he found out how dangerous they were."

    What do you mean by this, 2 BIG? Don't want to hang on to something that is dangerous; I'd sooner toss it and be out the $1.00 than to risk injury...???
  10. The bow is a 1945 Par-x-bow manufactured by Park tool & Die of Jackson. I believe they are no longer in business. My understanding is they only manufactured a few of them in that year and ran into liability issues wth them. I am not sure about the value. You may want to do a search on bow collectors and some of them have boards that you can get on and pose the question as to value and history.

  11. PM,

    If nothing else it sounds like it would be a great display item for the ol' trophy room! The price was right and it's something of a piece of Michigan history! If you decide to cash it out I'll offer to double the return on your investment! :lol: ;)
  12. Howdy-

    Thanks all for the info.....

    Burksee, sorry, but even though it is double my investment I think I will hang on to it....

    a3, thanks for the detailed info.

    Before I can wall-hang it I'd like to string it; something any competent bow shop can do?
  13. do not shoot this bow!
    a wonderful collection piece but they had a reputation for exploding.
    it could just be an urban myth, but i wouldn't risk it.

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