Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Arin, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. What scopes do you all use? I recently got a 3030 and it had a side mount and a scope on it. The scope only said 'timber king' on it without any other identification, so I'm guessing it's a cheap one. Through all my online searching for timberking I've only figured out that Timber King is a logging equipment manufacturer. :lol: Anyways, I was thinking I should get a scope since I already have the mount. Right now I'm looking towards the 3-9x40 Bushnell Banner scope. I saw a prior thread about banners and someone said they were using their banner with 500gr+ slugs, so it sounds like the scope can take a beatin'. Anyone use this? What scopes do you all use?

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  2. I have some Leopoulds, but Burris is probably my favorite, very nice scopes.

  3. Arin, what is the power of the scope you have? If it is a fixed power scope I wouldn't worry too much. If it is a variable then you may have some problems. Maybe you should go out to the range and see how it performs on the gun first. As for scopes, I have used the Bushnells for years and they have been very good scopes for me. I like the reticle called the circle-x, it is usually found in the 2.5-5 models. I recently put a Leopold on my 30-06 and it is much clearer than the Bushnells and it has an adjustable diopter so I can wear my glasses alot easier with it. But then again, it is almost 3x the cost of the Bushnell. Congrats on your new firearm!
  4. Burris FF II, great scope for the money, and the BDC reticle works I hit Black tail out to 600 yards with it.
  5. I would go ahead and go with the bushnell banner 3-9x40 you cannot beat them for the money. they can take a mean beating. I have one on my shotgun, one on my muzzleloader, and one on my 30-30 win. they gather a lot of light and are a best buy in my book. you should be able to pick one up for about, 70.00
  6. None of you have ever had em fogged up?
  7. No decent modern scope should fog up. I always $40-80 Bushnell/Tasco/Simmons and I've never had one fog up.
  8. Nikon monarch. Big name performance at half the price.

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