Scent lok Lawsuit update 5/13/10

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    On May 13, 2010, United States Federal District Judge Kyle found that ALS, the manufacturer and seller of Scent Lok clothing, and Cabela's and Gander Mountain, both of which sell Scent Lok and their own private-label clothing using Scent Lok technology, falsely advertised the ability of their Scent Lok clothing to eliminate odor. The Court found that “Defendants have published countless advertisements” almost all of which “utilize the slogans ‘odor-eliminating technology’ or ‘odor-eliminating clothing.’” The Court further found that the experts agreed that the Scent Lok clothing “cannot eliminate odor, even when new.” The Court held that all advertisements that used the words “odor-eliminating technology,” “odor-eliminating clothing,” “eliminates all types of odor,” “odor elimination,” “remove all odor,” “complete scent elimination,” “scent-free,” “works on 100% of your scent 100% of the time,” “all human scent,” “odor is eradicated,” and graphics demonstrating that human odor cannot escape the carbon-embedded fabric are all false statements as a matter of law. In addition, the Court found claims that the Scent Lok clothing could be “reactivated” to “like new” or “pristine” condition to be false as a matter of law.

    The Court will issue an injunction to prevent Defendants from further false advertising.

    The Minnesota case is now ready for trial. The remaining issues in the Minnesota case are the amount of damages to be paid to each plaintiff and the award of attorneys' fees and costs to plaintiffs' attorneys.

    Because the Court earlier denied Plaintiffs' motion for class certification, Plaintiffs in the Minnesota case are only able to recover damages for their own purchases. However, the injunction against false advertising will benefit all future consumers of Scent Lok products in Minnesota.

    Wanna kill these ads? We can help!
  2. I guess I am glad I never spent the money on a Scent Lok suit. I have some undergarments, but not the real deal. I hop they get hit with a class action suit pretty hard.

    The real question is, do the hard core Scent Lok Suit lovers on here still think that their suits work? or help them significantly in harvesting a deer?

    I guess my scent control program will stay the same next year..

  3. they have already lost the lawsuit, as it says o the bottom of the article, it is just awaiting trial to determine awards amounts. .

    I have no problem if someone feels more comfortable wearing it while hunting. . .

    Ill go on wearing my NON scent-proof clothing and still have deer downwind of me. . . and not pay a ridiculous amount of money. . .
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    Yes we still think it works, actually we know it works because we have it. It's just another tool to help in scent elimination, I personally don't think anything is 100%. But if you a serious hunter and you have the cash, why not, even if it only helps sometimes. The lawsuit proves nothing but the fact they should not have said total scent elimination ect, just all about the language.
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  6. How did they get the deers point of view? I believe he is the only juryI care about.;)
  7. they lost, cant say I am surprised. But I am rotflmao........:lol::lol:
  8. Product works great if you dont think so try holding it over an open jar of skunk sent or something similar and give it a smell but you wont be able to smell it. They didnt prove it didnt work they just decided the advertising was misleading.
  9. apparently people only read the first paragraph. . . . .
  10. I'll never understand why some on here are trying to make Scent-lok out to be evil villians.

    Before anyone comes on here and singles out Scent-lok, take a peek at any outdoor mag you have laying around...Almost every ad you read is misleading, Under Armour "Total odor control for long days on the hunt", Scentblocker "Stay Scent-Free all season long...They all mislead.

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    Some people are so gullable. Scent elimination!!!!!!!!! Come on it doesn't eliminate scent I know that and I own and use Scent Lok clothing. What it does do though is help absorb scent and hold it until reactivated in the dryer. OF course it doesn't reactivate 100% but it does somewhat and over time probably loses alot of its absorbing power.
    What kind of moron thinks they can become 100% scent free?
    Deer will always smell you reguardless. If you think that when you have deer down wind of you and they don't smell you no matter what you are wearing, I have one word for you, THERMALS.
    Being aware of your scent and taking precautions to help reduce it are part of the game. Those who put more effort into it get better results. Like said many times before its not the deer you see that you have to worry about, its the ones you don't see.

    Yes all these scent "eliminating" products do false advertise to a degree. If you have ever bought any scent product, (attractents and eliminating) with the mindset that they will work just like the mfg proclaims..................I got ocean front property in AZ for just $1.00 and acre for sale.

    Yes I believe these products help control your scent if you use them properly. I do not take the sales pitch that they use to the bank. Unfortunatly some did and they actually are going to be rewarded for not having any common sense (scents lol)
  12. This product falls under the category of "heck, what have a got to lose?". You're not really sure if it really works or it doesn't but, you spend the money nevertheless. Sort of like fishing lures when you ask the person at the counter if this $10 lure will catch fish, and he replies: "Well, it just caught one!"

    People swear by it when a deer gets close to them and is not frightened. Thus, it must work. People swear at it when a deer becomes frightened and bolts away. Thus, it doesn't work. I myself believe a big bag of carrots is more effective. You could be doing a polka to the Lawrence Welk orchestra and, with carrots, you'll eventually have deer close in to your set-up.

    This lawsuit is a nothing. The companies have errors and omissions insurance up the ying yang. All they will do is change a few words in their advertising going forward and keep printing money like it is going out of style. Why? Because deer hunters will do just about anything, buy just about anything, in the pursuit of Mr. Big. And, more importantly, what have you got to lose other than a couple of hundred bucks. Heck, deer hunters have been doing that since the beginning of time. ;)
  13. I never did think it eliminated scent altogether and still don't.

    However, I do think it decreases the scent enough to trick deer. Well, I know it does from the experiments that I have done. Therefore, I won't be throwing out my Scent-Lok clothing just yet. It still works.
  14. I don't think they are evil but they did push up the cost of hunting clothing a lot of money involved , and if Scentloc gives you more confidence that will help you for that is all part of hunting , I think you are wasting your money but that is just me .Bud
  15. I think this stuff is tailor made for those with more money than gray matter.

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