Scary Hunting Stories and Scary Camp Pranks

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by costanza, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Halloween is a few days away. The rifle opener is only a couple of weeks away. Where are all the scary stories I need to hear about to frighten me as I sit in the dark woods? Those smelly, backwards-walking things freak me out! Let's hear it!!

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  2. Here's a Deer Camp Prank For Ya


    I stand 6" 3" and weigh in at about 310lbs. Give or take. Full beard.
    If I have all my hunting cloths and gear on, I appear even bigger..........

    I've pulled this several times and it's funny as hell, well, it is to me anyway.

    If there's a new guy in camp, I'll wait till were all asleep and then gently wake my mark.
    As he wakes up and groggily looks at me, I'll gaze deep into his eyes and whisper in my deepest, sexiest voice ...........

    " Are you horny too ? "

  3. Thunderhead:
    That is a great story! I remember seeing your post earlier-maybe a year or two ago. Great stuff! Too bad our 'camp' this year only consists of me and my hunting buddy. But-he thinks the old log cabin is haunted!
  4. Take an old plastic bottle and take off label.. Print up something that says deer away, deer b-gone, you get the picture. Then fill it with something bright. I used aquarium pebbles.
    then sprinkle around someones blind. then "accidently" leave the bottle out a few days later so the mark finds it. My cousin was upset!!!
  5. Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn One of the good guys

    I sleep with a gun.;)

    Here's an oldy but goodie we used in the Boy Scouts then again in basic training.

    When you are lining up the pup tents, use a string or WD-1 in the army. Leave it there.

    Then at night tie a stuffed animal or a doll to the string. Then pull it through the tents one at a time. This works best with city types New Yorkers are the best. They assume an animal just ran through their tent.
    Once the doll got stuck and I reached under the back of the tent to free it up. I put my hand on one guys head.

    The next morning they were all talking about it. The one guy said he felt it's paws on his head.:lol::lol::lol:

    There never was any trouble, so I assume the Drill Sargents had seen it before.
  6. Change all the clocks 3 hours early and get up to go out with everyone and then sneek back to camp and go to bed untill it really is time to go. This really works, I know It happend to me:rant:.:lol:

  7. Or later in the season after your "mark" has got a deer or two.... place those alarm clocks around his blind and u hide with a video camera, record him getting down 2-3-4 times from his blind to turn them off. When you play this video at camp.....many many busted out laughs.:lol::lol:
  8. This is one is scheduled to take place this weekend. Its pure revenge.

    Gota in-law who hasn't spoken to me since last deer season cause I took a nice 8 a little too close to his spot. It was over a mile away on private land. Cry tit. Anyway...

    A friend stumbled onto the in-law's "shack" recently. So were lining up two pranks. You guys pick. You gotta understand that he's about 6'6 and about 360 and what you would call a manly man. Big freaking guy.

    Prank 1: Paint his shack pink top to bottom. Maybe toss in a few flower scenes.

    Prank 2: Were gonna cut the roof off his shack and lower it about 8 inches so when he gets in the first time, he won't fit. That outa boggle his mind for a while.

    Pick one....I have the motivation to do either.
  9. I like the first one.......nothing a coat of paint won't undo.
  10. yep paint it, that would be hilarious. Just be nice and leave a few cans of spray paint out there for him. The other thing you could do is coat the inside with female p-o-r-n so he'll have to sit in there and look at it trying to be quite.

    I guess you could also hang some "female toys" out side of his shack to attract the does for him, LOL. "Is that a ........ hanging in the tree, ***!"
  11. How about paint it pink and glue some gay porn on the inside. Great big man love straing him in the face :lol::lol::lol: That's freakin funny.

    And well leave a gallon of green paint and a brush, I suppose.:rolleyes:
  12. hey I was thinking maybe you could dress it up a bit for him too, you know hang some monkey-balls around the top roof. Put a picture up for Palin captioned "MY idol!" Put a lamp out there with some real long feminane (sp) novel. You know really "make it home" for him.

    You know what would be hilarious, leave a note that says "Hey Arsehole you didn't bother folding the laundry before you left hunting! Here you go!" and leave a laundry basket full of laundry that needs to be folded. LOL
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  13. I think one of these on the door to the blind would be great for opening morning:evil:
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  14. Closest thing I have done is put a newbie directly above an active coyote den. At 6PM a dozen yotes came out and started calling loudly.

    I expected to find him firmly placed in his stand but found he had climbed down when he heard a great commotion. He was in the truck with the doors locked and a story that started with "you won't believe what happened to me..."

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