savage 99c .284 value??

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by lumpy, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Not that I am looking to sell it (was handed down to me from my Grandfather) .

    I did a quick search and it seemed that this gun is all over the board on values. I saw a few for around $400.00 and serveral reaching into the $1000.00 price range.

    Anyone got a idea as to an accurate value.. it is on great condition with no blueing issues , it is topped with a 4X12X50 variable redfield scope (u.s.a. made Denver co.)

    All I really know about the gun is it an odd caliber that is hard as hell to find loads for. thank god my brother reloads.


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  2. .284 Winchester ammunition is hard. It was intended as a short action rival to the .270. The scarcity of ammo may make it a bit less valuable although some less common calibers like the .250 savage are sought after by some. If your not going to sell it it really shouldn't matter much. I have a .300 Savage and it's a good gun.

    Here's one for sale.

  3. not sure where I heard it but I thought a few gun makers were going to reissue the 284 a while back and in article is said that the 284 was a caliber that was a little ahead of its time and never really caught on , Jays in clare has a few boxes always on the shlf and every now and then I pick up a box just so I have the casings in the future
  4. Here is a little on the .284 its history.... basically as stated above though. you could kinda say it was the 1st short mag round.

    I also have a 99 in 300 savage- works great on whitetail in PA and Michigan. I know conley has .284 ammo available but it is expensive.

  5. .243 Win., .250-3000 Sav., .284 Win., .300 Sav., .308 Win., or .358 Win. cal., solid frame, checkered pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1955-73.
    100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
    $750 $630 $525 $465 $400 $300 $250
    This model, in many cases, had the receiver marked "99M".
    Add 35% for .250-3000 Sav., .358 Win., or .284 Win. cal.
  6. You can get about 800 to 1200 for it, depends on Condition. If it hasn't been dinked with all original and at least 90% condition ,easy 1000. Throw it up on Gunbroker if you want to sell it. Start your reserve at the bottom that you will accept, then let the games begin. I am a Savage collector and I am trying to give you what I know. Les

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