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Discussion in 'North West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by gmalicoat, Sep 14, 2005.

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    How much are the tickets for people caught snagging?
  2. Not enough, it is illegal. If this thread goes too much further other than an answer to the original question it will be closed.

  3. I am just old enough to remember when snagging was legal. I remember my neighbor used to come back with HUGE salmon from Berrien Springs, and there wasnt a ladder then either. I heard it was MUCH crazier than it is now.

    As for snagging today, well like John said it is ILLEGAL and the fines should be higher.
  4. Like in the NW Rivers Forum where I closed a thread this morning, salmon snagging is illegal. There are sound biological as well as cultural reasons why this is so. If it must be explained to anyone they do not have the mental capacity to understand so the explaination is futile.

  5. And to answer the question: (this comes from Boehr, a MDNR CO with many years of experience)

    "By law its a misdemeanor up to a maximum of $500 and 90 days in jail plus restitution of $10 per pound of trout and game fish, $5 per pound for salmon and non game fish.

    Typically the common fine runs about $100 to $150 bucks plus about $50 to $75 bucks per fish (trout or salmon)."


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