Salmon run in Ludington

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sloechli, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. I am looking for advice on salmon fishing at Ludington State park in the river heading up to Hamlin Lake.

    About 3 years ago we camped there and had a ball fishing the river between lake Michigan and the Dam.

    Anyone have estimates when the fish will enter the river. Will last weekend in Sept or first of October be too late?
  2. your timing will be fine. This year however the DNR changed the rules because you are only allowed to use one single hook no bigger then a size 4 I believe. It will be nice to go up there and not see salmon swimming around with lead torpedoes and chunks of flesh missing from their sides. Hopefully the DNR will crack down hard on this because Im sure many many people will go up there and try to do the same thing theyve done every year and snag. Im hopin to check it out around that time too. Light leaders and small egg patterns usually produce pretty well for me but stealth is a must.

  3. Just got in from Ludington this afternoon. Talked to a friend who has been kayaking the mouth of the Sable River and he said he's seeing some salmon there already. For more info you can contact Ludington State Park at: 231-843-8671.
  4. I'm duck hunting around there every year around Oct 1 and the Sable is always loaded with salmon then.

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