salmon; allegan dam area

Discussion in 'South West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by fredbearhunt, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. When can I expect to see salmon at allegan dam area (August, Sept???). I have a 7 year old boy ready to catch some. Any suggestions on what type od lure-when fishing from shore?????? Thanks

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  2. You can find a few (and I stress that word) at the dam in late August, but it's hit or miss. Usually, it's pretty fishable (numbers wise) by mid September and I'd wait until then if you're looking for better odds. A word to the wise, though: It gets crowded right at the dam and it's not the type of "gang" that I'd recommend taking a seven year old around. Think, Tippy dam south. If I were you, I'd stick to the boat launch side of the river and toss little cleos or KO wobblers--3/4 ounce in blue/silver. You can either fish upstream from the launch and do well, or downstream. With the slower current in that river (slower than most other rivers), spoons seem to work well there for legally hooked fish.

    Stay away from the step side of the dam--not a fun experience at all.

    Another decent spot is in Hamilton on the Rabbit River. Same program--spoons. Try it at night as well, use glow in the dark spoons and you should be able to hook up when they're in there.

  3. Thanks for the input? But what is meant "think, Tiooy DAm south" not orgianlly from here so I have no idea what tippy dam is or loacted at? You may PM me if you dont want to post that info here. Thanks
  4. Tippy Dam is on the Big Manistee River in northern Michigan. It usually attracts a pretty rowdy crowd in the fall--littering, game violations and basic hooliganism is the norm and the ethical and legal fisherman is usually outnumbered. Allegan's not that bad, but the step side of the dam does attract some of the same type of crowd--albeit it much smaller numbers and nowhere near as bad. My "tippy south" comment was just trying to draw a comparison--but if you're not from here, I guess that comparison would be meaningless! LOL!!

    If you fish anywhere except the steps at Allegan, you should have a good time.
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    ive been meaning to fish allegan dam on the Kzoo...
    since the kings have ceised bein' stocked in the JOE i guess im gonna have to try Kzoo...
    i hear the Kzoo does get a good run of salmon...

    cya on the river
  6. The kings are still planted in the Joe, they just reduced the overall numbers by like 1/4. The returns the past couple of years have just been crappy due to low, warm water. The kings making it up to Berrien (the last couple years) are shooting right through the ladder, but a vast majority have been hitting the first available gravel and not going all the way to Berrien. If the water stays higher and we keep getting these cooling trends, I would expect a much better return this fall. Keep in mind though that Michigan plants their kings down by the mouth of the river and by the sportsman's club. Indiana plants their kings (they contribute kings and scams to the system) up in Indiana waters, so a lot of kings are going to migrate to areas near where they were planted. Since a lot of the structure and cover was removed from below the Berrien Dam, those fish just don't hold there like they used to.

    I could tell you where I've found a really good number of St. Joe kings the last two or three years, but only in a PM... ;)
  7. actually reproduce with pretty good success in a lot of Michigan rivers. This is because the fish smolt in early Summer the year after their eggs were laid, so the high Summer temps do not kill them off like they do Steelhead.

    I read a DNR report from a couple years ago in Lake Huron, and something like 85% of the Kings they checked were wild fish. That is pretty good, considering they plant around 1,000,000 in Rogers City alone, every year; and another 600,000 or so in the Ausable.

    If you have ever seen the peak of the Salmon run in the Big Manistee river, you would understand how many Salmon might come from natural reproduction - there are literally 1000's of fish on gravel in 1/4 mile of river - and in just about every 1/4 mile of river down to Bear Creek. It is understandable that so many people resort to snagging those big fish in shallow water, when they can't get them to bite. Not forgivable, but understandable.

    Never fished Allegan dam, but if there is slower water downstream, try fishing skein spawn about 4 - 6 feet under a bobber. That works really well in slow deep areas where Kings often stack up before hitting the gravel. All of the fish that get to the dam have to go past all the water downstream first.
  8. Michigan is not the only area for crazy salmon fishing;
    I just moved here not too long ago from Alaska; and you might think in Alaska a man can fish in comfort alone, far from the case, more like shoulder to shoulder fishing, lines crossed, etc......
    I guess where ever the fish run , MAN will come in numbers. It' s the same no where you ever go
  9. Fred. . .

    Thatnks to the high water levels, some of the smaller tribs may get a Salmon run this year. Cross your fingers because it has not happened for a few. PM me in ~2 months and ask me about it(~:


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