Rumor on Ammo shelf life

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  1. Anyone hear the rumor that ammo manufacturers will be making ammo that only lasts 6 months to 1 year on the shelf? I do not have any details, just something that my dad told me that he had heard about. Not sure if it's legit, or why, or how but thought I'd post and see if anyone else had heard of this or something similar.

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  2. That's one wild rumor there.:D

  3. Will it automatically self destruct at the 6 month time limit? Is it 6 months from the day it's actually loaded, the day it leaves the factory or the date of purchase. I think your dad's yankin' your chain.
  4. Maybe we can use this rumor to get our wives (or husbands) to agree to increase the amount for ammo on the budget. ;)
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    If you are concerned about ammunition produced in the last 40 years, forget about how old it is and shoot away. When putting ammunition up for long term storage, two rules apply.
    1) keep it dry
    2) keep it cool.
    Surplus waterproof military ammoboxes with dessicant bags salvaged from other packaging is the perfect way to store ammunition. The biggest issue with long term storage with modern rounds is case corossion which can cause feeding and jamming issues. If the ammo is clean and bright, blast away.:)
  6. Something smells fishy about that story.
  7. Just what a manufacturer would do- make a round that if shot at 9 months wouldn't have enough power to put the bullet out the bore, then have someone fire another one with the obstructed bore.......
  8. The rumor has been around for a while, part of the whole process of trying to find a better way to control things. As the story goes, manufacturers would be required to make it so ammo expired and was basically nonfunctional after X number of days.
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    If you have any 12, 20 or 28 ga shells that are over six months old PM me and I will pick them up and "dispose" of them for you for a nominal charge.

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  10. Nothing to get excited about in comparison to what Standard Oil has done to the American consumer. A guy* that lived across the hall from me in my college dorm had an uncle by marriage whose cousin was a Standard Oil chemical engineer and in the late 1950s Standard Oil bought from an inventor - and paid him a LOT as in a LOT of hush $$$$$ - to keep quiet concerning a carburetor he had invented and had demonstrated to Standard Oil on their test track that allowed a huge V-8 auto. (like 350 plus cubic inches) to get something like 60 mpg city and 85 mpg highway through some sort of mixture of gasoline and water. To this day that carburetor is locked away in a vault in Gary, Indiana and guarded 24/7. And the guards are supposedly armed but I guess not with ammo that only goes 'pop' after six months.

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    *This guy also had a cousin who was walking down Greenwich Ave. in N.Y.C. on New Year's Eve (circa. 1965) and claimed he saw Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) walking down the sidewalk wearing high heels, nylons, a mini-skirt and a tight sweater/'falsies' !
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  11. I would love to answer, but black helicopters are landing outside. Gotta go.

  12. These stories are like fine wine. They get better with time. Keep em coming buddy.
  13. I already have some of this ammo. At least it must be being i got it at Gander Mountain and it cost 1/3 more than the same "looking" ammo at the local Dunhams.

    I wonder if they will start to make guns that expire after a few years?
  14. This is just like Coke and Pepsi who started putting a date on their bottles and cans a few years back. The two companies have nearly cornered the market on soda pop and put the dates on to sell more pop because they don't have many competitors. With little competition, they can do this kind of stuff to screw with consumers and get them to buy more pop. :D

    I volunteer for high school athletic boosters and have had Coke sell us pop that was one month from expiring and try to replace it one month later and of course charge us for the new stuff. :(

    With fewer major brand ammo makers and less competition, ammo manufacturers could start putting dates on the box as a marketing ploy to sell more ammo. Their objective is to let buyers assume the date actually means something. This will force retailers to discount ammo and buyers to buy new every year.

    I doubt the rumor is coming from the government. More likely it's some marketing genus at Remington who leaked the notes from the weekly staff meeting the day after he bought a couple shares of the company stock. :idea::idea:
  15. I think the rumor is just coming from fear mongers and those with idle minds, but that is just me. People who have nothing to do but sit around and over think things.

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