Ruffled Grouse Chicks

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  1. Hello everyone
    I was wondering if any of you would be able to tell me where I might be able to obtain some Ruffled Grouse chicks or hatching eggs. I have searched high and low to no avail. I did find a pair of breeder birds but they are out of my reach.
    Thanks Gary.

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  2. They do not exist.
    Ruffed grouse cannot be raised in captivity.

  3. Grayphase

    Grayphase Banned

    You are joking. I hope
  4. Actually they can, I know someone who does it, but it is very difficult and he gets big money for his birds.
  5. I have read the claims and seen the pictures but never any results of off-spring survival.
  6. He does it for a hobby, and makes some money when things go right. Losses are sometimes high. He is a fanatic about cleanliness. I don't think he sells individual birds, only breeding pairs.
  7. Any idea what a breeding pair of Ruffs cost?
  8. If you are looking to raise some chicks and release them in your hunting area, it would be a waste of your time and money. Ruffed Grouse (like it was said above) are extremely difficult to raise. Your time and money would be better spent doing habitat improvement on your hunting area. Typical survival of "rasied for release" birds is somewhere south of 10%. FRANK
  9. I believe the question concerned RUFFLED Grouse - a distinctly rare bird indeed. ;)
  10. Grayphase

    Grayphase Banned

    Ruffled Grouse (ruf'ld grous) n. pl. Gamebird characterized by mottled gray or brown plummage and rounded bodies that have recently dodged a 7/8 oz load of 7 1/2 or 8 shot successfully.
  11. Is that a new kind of grouse maybe we can get a season on that breed.:dizzy:
  12. By that definition I ruffled quite a few grouse last fall. Also by that definition the ruffled grouse season overlaps, in nearly every way, the ruffed grouse season.
  13. Is it because they have Rrrrrriiiiiddddggesss?
  14. It has been a couple years but I think it was around $500.
  15. Thanks everyone
    The one breeding pair I found was going for $450. Just wondering why it is possible to find almost every other type of Grouse yet not the Ruffled. What makes them so much more difficult? The only thing I can figure is perhaps the others have been breed in captivity for so long they are more immune (hardy). And while I am planning on doing more habitat improvement, not much more can be done. It's a perfect set up. The problem is this, there is not a single Ruffled Grouse within a cannon's blast distance. Probably a lot farther than that.
    It was a nice thought. Thanks again.

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