rubberband Indicator set up?

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  1. I'm really sick of pegging my thill indictors with toothpicks. The original pegs they come with work good, but I always seem to loose them after a few trips. So I buy a box of toothpicks and put them in my vest. After a few trips the box gets wet and starts to fall apart. Now I have toothpicks floating around in most of the pocket on my vest, not to mention probably leaving a trail of them on every river I fish. Someone save me from my toothpicks and give me advice on making a boober stop with a rubberband. Thanks!!!
  2. My guess from some floats I had with rubber through them is that you put a loop of mono through the Thill. Cut the rubberband and place in the loop of mono to pull through after putting your line in the Thill. Place the Thill where you want it on the line and stretch the piece of rubberband. Now start twisting the rubberband and line together while keeping the rubberband taught. After twisting a few times you should be able to let loose on the rubberband so that it stays twisted in your mono holding it in place.

    I know this will be hard to follow and maybe someone with more experience can help with a better method than this.:dizzy:

  3. I think Gunrod pretty much has it right. I don't cut the rubber band, so after I have the indicator in place I twist the ends of the rubber band in opposite dorections to keep it in place. Sometimes I have to untwist it to move the indicator. All I can add is that you may want to try it at home before heading to the river so you can try to determine which size rubber band works with the indicators that you have and stock up on the ones you like.
  4. Check out the tail end of this video it is on there and works well. A

    slide the bobber onto the leader,
    make a loop out of some the material
    double it back through the bobber (without pulling the bobber off the leader)
    cut the rubber band and insert into the loop
    pull through - this doubles it up and makes for very snug fit (if using the right rubberband size) -
    Trim rubber band

    I went on my first PM trip with the guide in the video and struggled a while afterwards trying to figure out the best way to get that frickin rubber band into the bobber. :lol: He makes it look easy

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