Rod Benson Deer Call

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Cedar Swamp, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. For anyone looking for this top of the line call, I found it at Cabela's last night:). They had 5 or 6 left.

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  2. Yep cabelas and I belive that Ninja (KD's outdoors) said he was getting a shipment in. May want to check with him. This call is way better than anything else out there and not many people know about it.


  3. I hate to even reply to this post, a couple weeks ago I replied on a "favorite grunt" thread and said how much I love my Rod Benson grunt, low and behold 2 days later I lost it (had for over 10yrs) where we park on our lease up north.

    I was on hands and knees next to the corn field again last weekend trying to find it in the grass. I'm just lost with out it and now I cant order it cause it wont get here before my big bowhunting vacation.

    In my opinion there is no greater grunt tube to use in Michigan.

    My mom works with Rod's cousin and she's supposed to be finding out where I can get one around here in the next few days.

  4. You guys have obviously not tried the hedgehog plush dog toy they sell at Petco for $6... best dang grunt call on the market if you get around the fact it wasn't originally intended to be a deer call.
  5. I bought the hedgehog for my dog. It sounds more like a true deer grunt than any other grunt call I have. Plus it's good company on a cold morning.
  6. Jeez, I've had and used a Rod Benson grunt call for so many years I can't even tell you. Rod had his booth next to our DU booth at the Outdoorama when it was still at the Detroit fairgrounds. He gave me the call and told me since I didn't have to buy it I'd probably have it forever. He's right! I've lost it in the woods twice and found it both times. Love that call. I've had many other brands over the years but Rod's call always finds it's way into my pack.
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    I have owned nothing but Rod Benson grunt calls. All my bow hunting friends own them. Must be a west Michigan thing. :lol:

  8. I was at Al & Bob's yesterday in Grand Rapids and they have one left so there's another option for you.

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