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  1. The thing that annoys me the most is that Rob has Preston Mann on about every other show. One of them is annoying enough but put both together and its time to change the station.
    Now Fred Trost that was entertaining. For the first ten years of the show the guy never could catch or kill anything. Then the show started to use guides, preserves and charters and he then started acting like he was the greatest outdoorsman in Michigan. That was until the dreaded deer lure scent scandel that took him down. I actually watched that show and he used a big jar of his own pee to prove it was as good as the store bought stuff.

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  2. Watch it Biggsy BuckS*** lure co. might hunt you down and then E Sarp would write your obit.

  3. Robs been recycling heavy lately. In general his show has always sucked, but that doesn't make him a bad person.

    Best wishes to Susie!
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  4. Rob Trott's show is ok at best. Even with all the positive/negative aspects of Fred Trost, I sure do miss him and his show. RIP were one of a kind.
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    I have talked to him a few times at the Outdoorama's and found him to be very arrogant. The guy is a idiot and his dogs are horrible !! Rather watch corn grow than his show.
  6. He replaced the laughs with "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh". Next time you watch the show count how many times he does it when talking to someone. :D
  7. Does he even do anything in Michigan anymore? The last few shows I caught were him in Africa or Canada.
  8. Of course he does stuff in MI...HIGH FENCE operations. Lately he has been on Erie with charters. Cant this guy get his own boat and do something for himself? or go sit on some state land somewhere? sheesh!
  9. Boy I long for a Michigan TV show that gives us stories of the everyday sportsman. Blue gill fishing, Deer camp, Turkey hunting on up north state land, bird hunting and maybe films made by the actual sportsmen themselves doing outdoor activities in this great state. Maybe we could combine Kyle Randals goofy story line, Rob Trotts dogs and the crazy tip toe through the tulips attitude of Michigan outdoors Jimmy and Kelly and we would have a hillarious comedy show. ( move over Red Green )There must be someone who could show us the real Michigan we all love to hunt and fish.
  10. I, for one am not a Rob Trott fan and either is a friend of mine. My friend was up in the Thumb for the opening morning of pheasant season a few years back and had got there early on state land before anyone else. Just as they were getting the dogs out to start their hunt up drove Rob Trott and his filming crew. Rob asked my friend if he and his crew could hunt the land instead of my buddies group as they wanted to film it for a show. My buddy said that if they had wanted to film so bad that they should have been there earlier. Trott then asked my friend if he knew who he was and had ever heard of him. My buddy said of course he had heard of him. He said that he was the guy who played second fiddle to Fred Trost. My buddy and his group went out on the hunt as Rob Trott drove away cursing him and said that they had lost their chance to be on TV with him.

    As for myself I feel that the show if it wants to call itself Great Lakes Outdoors then it should start filming the shows from the great lakes area and not run a travel agencey to other countries. As for high fence hunts that he utilizes, I guess that is is like most shows on tv these days where the kill is the only thing that matters and it had better be a big buck. At least on Trost's show they showed does getting taken and on most shows like the rest of us in the real world game was not taken at all. It seems in these days that just hunting and expeirencing the outdoors has taken a backseat to having the only way a hunt is to be called successful is if a big buck is hanging.

  11. I think that I could be a writer for Great Lake Outdoors. Would go something like this...

    (Rob hooks fish) Rob; It feels like a good fish, yep this is a nice fish, nice fish, this is a good one, nice fish, nice fish here, it is making a run, this must be a good fish, got a good fish here, nice fish (fish is netted), nice fish, I know this was a good fish when it made the run, nice fish, this is a real nice fish, good fish.
  12. Even if Suzy were topless, I would have a hard time getting through a full 1/2 hour
  13. i just threw up in my mouth
  14. he did a wood duck hunt at sugar springs hunt club by west branch they tossed 200 woodies to him and he and his guys only shot a few:yikes:
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    About 5 years ago I tried like hell to become part of Trost's crew. He had an opening for a nonlinear (computer) video editor. i sent in my application and was told that I was going to be called for an interview when Fred got back from vacation. About 2 weeks later I called and talked to Zachery and he said they had hired their editor. I spoke to Fred about 3 or 4 times in the next couple of years trying to get some of my outdoor spots on his show to no avail. I put 9 show s together and ran them in the FLint area on the local cable access show and pepole really liked them. I tried to get a spot on the PBS channel and that didn't happen. They don't want outdoor shows. Once Kyle and Rob Trott are gone they are not going to have another Michigan based show on to take their spots. I went on to work at TV 25 and TV 12 in FLint for a few years and then got out of it. I went back into engineering.

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