Rifled slugs through a Rifled barrel

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Camo1, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I have been hunting with a Remington 11-87 semi-auto special purpose 12 gauge with a rifled slug barrel.

    This whole time I have been using regular cheapo rifled "slugger" Remington slugs.

    I just now realized I should have been shooting sabot slugs and read that shooting rifled slugs in a rifled barrel would "foul" the rifling. Then I read a response of some guy saying that the statement is not true and you can shoot rifled slugs out of a rifled barrel without damaging your gun

    So which is true?

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  2. look in your barrel and tell us lol I dont think it would hurt anything but I havent tryed so I may be wrong.

  3. It will lead your barrel but won't damage it. Where the possibility exists for damage is if its heavily leaded and you shoot a tight fitting sabot through it. That can bump pressure past a safe level. Clean it good and your gtg

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  4. Just think about it. If the rate of twist on the slug you're using is not the same as the rate of twist in the barrel, the two will be "fighting" each other, and will usually lead to considerable less accuracy than if you used a saboted slug. As for damage to the barrel, it depends on the hardnes of the slug and the steel the barrel is made of. It's possible it might damage the rifling to some extent, usually very minor, but will definitely give you some excessive leading as others pointed out.
  5. Guppy is dead on. Standard Foster (not Brenneke)rifled slugs are very soft. The "rifling" and soft lead construction of a foster slug will foul the rifling in your barrel. It can potentially build up enough to cause pressure issues. Depending on the gun, some will foul more than others depending on the condition of the bore. Scrub it with a bore brush and lead solvent regularly and you won't have issues. The sabots are better option and will really increase the accuracy of your rig, at least at extended ranges.

    The twist rate of the slug is irrelevent really. It is impossible to launch that slug from the shot shell chamber thru the free bore into the rifling and make the two "match". Think of a rifle cartridge....the bullet is smooth untill is slams into the rifling which imparts all the spin. The foster slug upon detenation will expand and also slam into the rifling in the barrel and will negate the effectiveness of the rifling on the slug. And since there is no saami spec for slug diameter nor is there a tight saami spec for bore diameter, there is little if any consistancy in any of this. Think about how the stars must align when we pull the trigger on common slug ammo and it is amazing we ever hit anything at all!
  6. Get a copper brush and clean the ole girl out good. Spend a few more bucks on Sabot bullets and dont look back. You dont put mud tires on a corvette do you?
  7. Accuracy could be an issue due to the sabot slug in nature being more like a smaller caliber rifle bullet.

    But as for accuracy due to build up of lead i see it being no more of an issue than the build up of plastic in the barrel from sabot slugs. Shoot 15 slugs from your rifled barrel with sabot slugs and scope it.....it will be full of plastic and accuracy will decline.

    So..you pick the poison? Clean out lead foul or clean out plastic wad foul?

    If you want a big ole thump from 100m or less use your cheapo rifled slug. If you want more like rifle accuracy 150 to 200m i would opt for the sabot.

    Another thought.

    Sabot slugs $13 a box
    Regular slugs $4 a box
  8. I bought a NEF/H&Rheavy barrel slug gun in 1997 and dont remember there being a lot of selection in sabot slugs then. I sighted in with remington or winchester slugs and it shot great. I lived in Indiana at the time, a slug gun only state then, and this year I pulled out that gun and rescoped and sighted in and am just as happy with remington buck hammers now as then. If I was going to shoot 200 yards with that gun I would shoot some sabots but think about your shots, probably 50yrds or so. Don't forget that people were shooting for a long time with foster style slugs out of shotguns and didn't have problems. My slug gun shoots like 3" groups at a hundred yards with cheap slugs.
  9. Buckhammers are a sabot. They are just inexpensive compared to some others. They were meant for rifled barrels.
  10. I never figured out how a roll of quarters would be accurate coming out of a barrell. The bullet head is flat like it allready hit a wall! :lol:
  11. i also have a Rem. 11-87 rifled barrel. I shoot the Rem. copper solids. never use the sluggers, they 're as accurate as a whiffle ball.
  12. Sorry I didn't mean the buckhammers, I was thinking just there 1oz slugs. I have the winchesters also but the remington shoot better.
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  14. My quote does not apply to Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennesee,Georgia & Nebraska.:lol:
  15. They're not slug states either~:lol:

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